TankFest Garage Video


there’s a new video that show in more detail how the TankFest Garage looks like:

I’m so satisfied that they have added at least one Tortoise on the parking lot, the museum dimensions are near perfect and the whole thing they really got wrong is the arena but I cant really complain. Love it and want to keep it!

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TankFest Garage Video

14 thoughts on “TankFest Garage Video

  1. x says:

    Time for a Tankfest themed, historical, t6 premium Tiger !!!!! 5 Years on an the german tree still doesn’t have a historical Tiger, only the japanese, WT actual F??

  2. heldermartins1 says:

    Its about time, WG! Tiger I, Tiger II, E75… Nice! But, I would like to see a true modeled Turtle of Doom, made out of pixels and not of cardboard!! What the hell have you done with the tracks left backend !?!?!?

    1. Anonymous says:

      You know us Brits, it is the ingenious, never imagined, never blueprinted but still historically accurate…. Turtle of Doom half track.

    2. Dead says:

      You know us Brits, it’s the ingenious, never imagined and never blueprinted but still historically accurate… Turtle of Doom Half-track.

  3. Str0nkTenk says:

    Love it. WG should give the option to keep it.
    The arena has had a few makeovers Rita, with the ‘Arnhem Bridge’ the feature of last years mock battle

    1. I’m aware but this is TankFest 2016 not other year and would like the arena to look as realistic as possible. Doesnt take much effort/time to make a garage, specially with the tools they have (have some experience on making maps for games).

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