Tanks Encyclopedia is recruiting

Special Thanks to Rita for allowing me to post this!


Tanks Encyclopedia is looking for new members to join a growing team taking care of one of the largest AFV websites out there, covering vehicles from all over the globe, spanning from the early 1900s up to this day!

Do you like to write articles about AFVs, researching and sharing your knowledge about vehicles such as tanks, IFVs, wheeled vehicles and more? Do you like to draw high quality Images of military vehicles and/ or make awesome 3D models of said vehicles? Do you like to work on a unique video series for Youtube?

Join the Tanks Encyclopedia Team for your new Hobby. Chat with other Authors, Illustrators, and 3D modellers. Research interesting but obscure vehicles or try to take on the best known tanks. Receive feedback from our experienced editors. Share your knowledge with the world!

Writer, illustrators, 3D modellers, WP Admin and archive diggers are always welcome! But if you think you have another skill that would be fit for Tanks Encyclopedia, we’ll hear you out with a clear mind!

Everyone on Tanks Encyclopedia is a volunteer! Each member is free to choose his own projects and is only bound by the promises that he chooses to make and the schedule he sets for himself!

If you are interested in joining us, let us know in the comments or join us on our Discord server (discord.gg/ArKtg6q), e-mail ( tanks.encyclopedia@gmail.com ) or facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/tanksencyclopedia/

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Tanks Encyclopedia is recruiting

5 thoughts on “Tanks Encyclopedia is recruiting

  1. Dave says:

    A group of Redditors are trying to infiltrate this team for malicious purposes. Be wary of any people trying push a certain opinion or influence. They’re infamous among the WW2 community for being revisionists and generally rude with no actual care for history.


    You might be asking why someone would try to infiltrate an innocent hobby site or how it’s even possible for someone to actually try and force their opinions into something as neutral and innocent as this but that’s just the world we live in today. Just giving ya’ll a heads up.

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