Tanks & Pin-Ups by Nikita Bolyakov


It has been a slow day so far, you seemed to have enjoyed those tank renders made by the WG’s 3D artists I posted the other day and yesterday came to my attention the existence of this one artist, Nikita Bolyakov who combines tanks with tarts and we can’t go wrong with some of that!

You can find his page here.

He tries to incorporate girls and tanks from different nationalities:

But I got to admit, the Asian are my favourites…

Nikita Bolyakov , from Odessa, is an art restorer, painter, CG-artist and a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. He has plenty more of artwork available, including pin-ups with planes for those who fancy flying things as well.

Definitely worth to take a look.

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Tanks & Pin-Ups by Nikita Bolyakov

9 thoughts on “Tanks & Pin-Ups by Nikita Bolyakov

  1. zeroyuki92 says:

    Dunno, the Chi-Nu girls are kinda out of place, but the other one is pretty good I guess.

    IS-3 and Mutz are wonderful though.

    1. Nafre says:

      Hmm they seem the right size. The Russian tanks are designed for midgets lol. The mutz seems the right scale

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