Tanktoon, RanZar:

Typical Malinovka.


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Tanktoon, RanZar:

5 thoughts on “Tanktoon, RanZar:

  1. Bring_back_southcoast says:

    Never happens in that a e100 is still alive on Malinovka when artys runs out of ammo xD
    just as I was about to 3 mark mine I got this map at 94,95 moe.. I tried to climb up to the mill, got spotted by a yolo scout and 2 seconds after hit by a t92 so shell.. gg

    1. Good luck getting out of the cap circle with a Japanese heavy. Seconds after the game starts suicide scouts light you up and then you’re dead. Even at the edge of large maps you can get spotted by a good medium. Makes them practically useless on open maps.

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