Tech Tree Changes and Collector’s Vehicles


this is the official text given to Community Contributors on that the title says:

“Hey, tankers!

As you might remember, after the updated balance underwent a thorough Sandbox testing, it was decided to move forward with two newly introduced changes. And this iteration of Supertest will be dealing with the one involving Tech Trees.

Yes, we keep in mind that it’s the vehicles of Tiers VI-X and their transfer from tech trees to the Collectors’ category that interest you in the first place. The decisions are yet to be made here, and as soon as we are done, we’ll share the information with you. One thing is beyond doubt: all these machines will be available for purchase for credits. As for this Supertest, it’s dedicated to low-tier vehicles only.

According to this change, a number of vehicles will fall into the Collectors’ category meaning to drive them into your Hangar you don’t have to spend a point of your XP. Some vehicles will be moved to other tiers or even get assigned to other classes. Also, some brand-new tanks will enter the game for the first time! All this shuffling is to secure a more consistent progression through tech trees. The detailed list of all new vehicles and those subject to changes can be seen below.

It’s worthy to note that the test focus is narrowed to alterations related to vehicles themselves at this point, with tech trees and status changes put on the back burner. As for how these class/tier changes will be brought to life, the possible solutions are under consideration and once decisions are made, they will be shared with players.

Vehicles to be moved to other tiers (12 in total):

Cruiser Mk. I — from Tier II to Tier I
Cruiser Mk. II — from Tier III to Tier II
Cruiser Mk. III — from Tier II to Tier III
Cruiser Mk. IV — from Tier III to Tier IV
Valentine — from Tier IV to Tier III
Valentine AT — from Tier III to Tier IV
Crusader — from Tier V to Tier VI
Covenanter — from Tier IV to Tier V
BT-7 — from Tier III to Tier IV
KV-1S — from Tier V to Tier VI
А-20 — from Tier IV to Tier V
SU-76 — from Tier III to Tier IV

Vehicles to be assigned to other classes (5 in total):

Crusader (a medium to become a light tank)
T54E1 (a medium to become a heavy tank)
VK 30.01 (H) (a heavy to become a medium tank)
VK 30.01 (P) (a medium to become a heavy tank)
Type 97 Chi-Ha (a medium to become a light tank)

Vehicles to be added to the game (3 in total):

BT-5 — Tier III Soviet light tank. Gameplay-wise it shares a lot with the BT-2 that’s been long on the game’s vehicle roster.
T6 Medium — a Tier IV American medium. To keep it simple, it’s the famous Sherman and it plays accordingly.
Cavalier — a Tier V British medium bearing strong resemblance to the far-famed Cromwell.
It goes without saying that all the vehicles mentioned will be balanced, and for this purpose they will enroll into Supertest. Please keep in mind that none of the changes are set in stone and the stats may be subject to further tweaks.”

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Tech Tree Changes and Collector’s Vehicles

16 thoughts on “Tech Tree Changes and Collector’s Vehicles

  1. sefhyro says:

    funny they send a couple of years ago the kv-1s from tier 6 to tier 5 and now it gets upgraded again…wow they must be desperate to take the core of the player base out of tier 6 to tier 8…

  2. Tachenk0 says:

    • Valentine — from Tier IV to Tier III

    Funny…Matilda at IV is not enough, this is even better in stomping and sealclubing

    1. Robert says:

      On Sandbox the T54E1 had 248mm pen and 2200 hü but otherwise same armor and alpha. While the gun was ok, this tank is no heavy tank …

  3. Robert says:

    On Sandbox Crusader and even more Covenanter were awful to play uptiered by one tier. Also BT-7 will be a mess to play, if not somehow buffed. I did not test A-20 and Cruiser IV but strongly fear the same here. Most laughable was Covenanter with 40mm Bofors autoloader with idt pen and 400m gun range va. tier 7 – “a blast” to play with … (for those of you who played stock 25TP … you should know).

  4. Anonymous says:

    What happens to medium 1 in British tree? Wtf
    And when the fuck are they going to let us know how screwed we are if we don’t have the 113, and the amx30s?

  5. David Gunner says:

    What a shit show wargaming are, they are not even trying to hide ripping everyone off now, making you pay credits for vehicles on the tech tree, bet they appear in the blacklmarket for a really high cost

    1. NoComment says:

      whats so always paid in credits for tech tree tanks. You just won’t have to grind a particualr line to get these vehicles after this. Assuming that against all odds WG actually stick to their word and leave them in game and available.

  6. nrnstraswa says:

    So the KV-1S is going back to tier 6 and what about the KV-85? Looks like I’ll be selling my 3001(P) if it becomes a heavy and loses mobility. Yes I’d like to know what’s happening to the AMX 30, I recently got the tier 9.

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