Tech tree showcase [WOT] Japanese Tank destroyers

Here i am again with a tech tree showcase. So i got a bit tired of making articles about the Italian WOWP tree and let a few weeks go past without any update. And now when i’m back to this series i’m gonna showcase something completely different. My idea of a Japanese tank destroyer line.

As all of my tree’s i’ve tried to keep the line as historical as possible with as little paper projects as possible. All of the sources for these projects are from the Internet so a lot of known vehicles are to be expected.

Tier 2.

Type 5 Ho-Ru

This small little td is based on the Type 95 Ha-Go tankette and uses the 47 mm gun from the Type 97 Chi-Ha Kai (also known as shinhoto) and will be a fun little td on tier 2 with a great gun. For variety it could get the 75 mm type 99 howitzer  found on the Type 2 Ho-I (mixed with the Type 1 Chi-He  in WOT). Some says on prototype was made which doesn’t sound unlikely.


Tier 3.

Type 1 Ho-Ni I

This is the first mass produced TD in this line. Its about as tall as a medium tank but has the 75 mm type 90 cannon found on the Type 3 Chi-Nu (irl) with the 75 mm Type 3 (also found on the Chi-Nu) as an upgrade. Its special trait is its awesome gun depression. Not as good as Swedish td’s (irl) but will defiantly be good in game weather historical or not.


Tier 4.

Type 3 Ho-Ni III

Now this is an upgraded variant of the Type 1 Ho-Ni which has a fully enclosed crew compartment along with better and (gun mantle for ex) and a better gun the 75 mm Type 3. Since this thing is fully enclosed it could lead to a second td line in the Japanese tree if we can find more top tier projects. Now its upgraded guns are the 75 mm Type 5 and the Type 91 105 mm howitzer.


Tier 5.

Type 4 Ho-Ro

Back to unarmored territory! This thing will be a tier 5 Kv-2! Now this thing as a vehicle sucks. Its gun dep is only -5 irl and its fairly slow not to mention its armor which is only 25 mm at best. But where is is great is its selection of guns! Now I have given it 1 historical gun and 2 unhistorical ones for variety. Its base gun is an unhistorical 120 mm Short Barrel Gun (found on the O-I exp in game) but you can quickly replace it with its historical gun the 150 mm type 38! This gun has 55 mm of penetration with its HE shell which is 1 mm more than the kv-2 but if you need to it has an AP shell with 60 ish mm of penetration, which can be buffed to a balanced state fairly easy not to mention the obligatory magic HEAT shell. Its other gun is the 105 mm Type 14 gun found on the O-I exp. Now this gun might be considered op on the O-I but on a td like this it would be fairly balanced. This is the only gun on this tank with a good fire rate since its caliber isn’t huge.

(Side note i mainly added this as a td to eliminate the possibility of a jap arty line :D)

Tier 6.

Type 5 Na-To

Bildresultat för type 5 na-to

Ladies and Gentlemen let me present the buss! This looks like an old buss with a gun on the top and some tracks. Its default gun is the 75 mm Type 5 but for balance it can get the 105 mm Type 5 gun as an upgrade which it borrows from its brother. I think this gun or something similar was proposed at one point which lead to the development of the tier 7 candidate. Now this thing is now slow but neither fast. Its main trait is its great horizontal gun arc which is similar to the FV215b (183).


Tier 7.


So this is the evolution of the Na-To. The Na-To was obsolete before it was built so Japan started designing a successor based on it. This is a Na-To on steroids. It doesn’t have armor at all but its main gun is a 105 mm Type 5 experimental gun. It can penetrate 150 mm of armor at 1000 m which means a heck of a lot more in WOT distances. It has like the Na-To a very big horizontal gun arc. For gun upgrades it could get the 120 mm naval gun which was tested on the Type2 Ho-I as an anti tank/infantry support type role. This gun to our knowledge didn’t have any dedicated anti tank ammo but since its a naval gun and its intended role was to be able to face tanks AP ammo should exist or where to be developed for it.


Tier 8.

Ho-Ri I

Bildresultat för ho-ri 1

Ho-Ri shiet! XD That term is awesome.This is the real deal. Most people have probably already heard of this thing since it has appeared in other games such as men of war. Its armor is not to bad but for the tier its not that good. It has the same 105 as the Na-To and should therefore get the 120 mm but that gun is technically inferior and i don’t think it should get it since it would just get unhistorically buffed.

Tier 9.

Ho-Ri II

Well this is just a second proposal to the Ho-Ri design and would technically fit better a tier 8 premium but for the sake of filling the tree its here. It has a look similar to the Jagdtiger but much weaker armor. SO where does this improve from the tier 8? Historically it doesnt do that much. The center housing might have improved the mobility a bit due to the weight balance but in game it would just be a Ho-Ri I buffed to be a tier 9. But wait there is more! It gets the ability to upgrade to the tier 10 gun the 105 mm experimental super high velocity anti tank gun. It had a penetration over 300 mm and will be able to destroy any tank on the battlefield.

Tier 10.


Bildresultat för ho-ri III

Here we are a tier 10. This thing actually has good armor, up to 125 mm of sloped armor according to some sources. This is the first and last Japanese TD in this line with effective sloped armor and it comes with the 105 mm experimental gun which will have some of the best penetration and velocity in the game.

(Update, due to complaints from a certain Swiss man with a yellow hat i have edited the article by removing the 200 mm from the Ho-Ro)

Also as a side note this line is made to be easy to implement since all vehicles in it has tons of known data on them. There are more td projects which can in the end make 2 lines, one armored and one un armored but those projects has little to no data on them (napkin tanks) which hasn’t stopped WG before but has generally gained tons of hate from the community. This is what i personally think is a great line for WG to start with.

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