Tech tree showcase – [Wowp] Italy: part 1

So now when the current Swiss tech tree is showcased its time to showcase the viewers choice! Here is the the Italian WOWP tech tree part 1.


Tier 1.

Fiat CR.30

This is what i picked for the Italian tier 1. The Fiat CR.30! Its historically superior to a lot of tier 1 planes in game but it fits the tree technologically as their tier 1. Its an inter war Italian fighter plane armed with 2x 7.7 mm breda (bread) machine guns with a top speed of 350 km/h.

Now to the rest of the tree. Part 1 will be the Fiat line and the Reggiane/Caproni fighter line.

Fiat line:

Tier 2

Fiat CR.32

Very similar to the tier 1 CR.30 but it has a much stronger engine and much better armament options. Its base armament is the same as the CR.30 but with the CR.32Ter fuselage u can upgrade them to 12.7 mm breda heavy machine guns. And with the last upgrade the CR-32Bis you can get 2 extra 7.7 mm breda machine guns in the wings.

Tier 3

Fiat CR.42 Falco

This is the famous CR.42 Falco. Its probably the most recognizable biplane of WW2 and probably the most advanced one at that. While most other plane designers had started designing monoplanes the legendary Celestino Rosatelli decided to make a biplane at a time when such designs was seen as obsolete. While not top performing the CR.42 was a really good fighter at the start of the war and was one of the last biplane fighters to become obsolete. It base armament are 1x 7.7 mm breda and 1x 12.7 mm breda shooting through the propeller but with the CR.42Bis fuselage u can upgrade it to 2x 12.7 mm shooting through the propeller. Now this might be inferior to the tier 2 plane in terms of armament but the CR.42 can replace its 840  hp Fiat A.74 engine with a 1,200 hp DB-601A engine giving it a top speed of 525 km/h almost 100 km/h faster than its original 440 km/h.

Tier 4

Fiat G.50 Freccia

This is the first plane on the list designed by Giuseppe Gabrielli. Its a monoplane fighter and is armed with 2x 12.7 mm breda heavy machineguns in the nose shooting through the propeller. This is fairly weak for tier 4 but the performance is great. It has 2 main fuselage upgrades. The Serie 2 and Serie 7 which would give it some extra performance boost. As the previous tier 3 it has an engine upgrade in the form of the same DB-601A which gives it a huge performance buff of almost 80 km/h placing it at 550 km/h from the previous 470 km/h.

Tier 5

Fiat G.53

So here is the first mixed bag. The planes which fiat made went into service in this order sort of. CR.42, G.50, G.55. The jump between the G.50 and the G.55 is so big i had to use paper planes to fill the holes between them. So here is the first paper plane/planes the G.51, G.52 and the G.53. They are basically the inter stages between the G.50 and the G.55. Their armament is not really known but for the sake of balance they get 4x 12.7 mm breda as standard. 2 shooting through the propeller and 2 in the wings. The different planes will act as fuselages with the G.51 being the standard and the G.52 and the G.53 being the upgraded fuselages. The base engine is a DB-601 but i have found some indications that the DB-605 might have been suggested for it and thereby it can get a 20 mm nose cannon as an upgrade when it has the DB-605. It’s top speed should be around 600 km/h +

Tier 6

Fiat CR.44

Another plane design made by Celestino Rosatelli and its just not fair to have only one design of his in the fiat line. So here is his interceptor air superiority fighter at tier 6. It’s design is really interesting and the plane is rather huge. It has a contra rotating propeller which makes it unique for this line. It armament consists of 4x 12.7 mm breda and 2x 20 mm breda or mg151 which is really good for its tier and its the first plane which i know officially had 20 mm as an option. For upgrades sake the base 20 mm’s can be breda while the upgraded ones can be mg151 since the 20 mm’s isn’t specified in the documents i have found. It’s engine is a bit of a mystery but i have some quotes saying its a Gioiosa A.44 engine which i have no clue what it is but for upgrade continuity it could have the DB-605 as an upgrade. Speed is 650 km/h ish.

Tier 7

Fiat G.55 Centauro

Here is the legend the Fiat G.55 Centauro! This is in my opinion by far the best mass produced Italian fighter of WW2 before Italy’s capitulation of 1943. Its base armament is 4x 12.7 mm breda and 1x 20 mm mg151 but it will quickly be able to upgrade 2 of those 12.7 mm’s to 20mm’s with the Serie 1 fuselage. Its speed is 650 km/h with its base engine the DB-605 but with the G.57 fuselage it can get a DB-603 engine and boost that speed to 680 km/h.

Tier 8

Fiat G.61

This plane is a mixed bag since the real life plane is inferior in performance to the G.55 but its the logical step forwards from the G.55. Well let me tell the story of the Fiat G.61. It starts with that Fiat after WW2 wanted to produce the G.55 for home defense and export but the DB-605 engines that the G.55 used soon ran out. Then fiat decided to mount the plentiful Merlin engine into the G.55 and called it the Fiat G.55M. The plane also got a modern bubble canopy. But the Merlin engine was much weaker than the DB-605 and the plane was not capable of fighting modern propeller planes nor jets. So the plane was renamed Fiat G.59 and was used and sold as a trainer. But the story doesn’t end there. Fiat produced several G.59’s for Syria as fighter planes armed with 4x 20 mm hispano’s in the wings. Now for the Syrian variant i have no performance shart on but its pretty safe to say they didn’t outperform the G.55. But Fiat didn’t end its development there. They continued to refine the plane and drew up the Fiat G.61. Now it was never built but it was basically a Fiat G.59 but with modern performance for a propeller fighter of that time. Armament would have ben 4x 20mm’s in the wings.

Tier 9

Fiat G.84

This this story is very similar to the G.61 in terms of technology. The picture above shows a Fiat G.80 jet trainer. This plane is barely a tier 7 if it where to be implemented but there is a veriant of it with a much stronger engine. The Fiat G.84 is this plane but with an Allsion J35 engine used in the F-84 Thunderjet which would give it a great speed probably reaching 1000 km/h. Now the armament of the G.80 was 2x 12.7 mm m3’s which in real life are great machineguns but for WOWP having only 2 of them is way to little for tier 9. I have no idea what the G.84 would have used but it was not meant to be a trainer but probably an ingenious equalant of the F-84 which was a fighter bomber. The F-84 had 6x 12.7 m3’s but that wouldnt fit into the nose of the G.84. The later Fiat G.91 fighter bomber had 4x 12.7 mm m3’s as base armament so thats what i would give this thing realistically and for balance. Its on the weaker side but it would be really maneuverable and really fast. If necessary it could get 2x 30 mm’s which was tested on a lot of other Italian jet projects during the 50’s and connects it with its tier 10 brother.

Tier 10

Fiat G.91

Now this is the plane that put Italy on the map as a nation that could design great jets during the cold war. It’s the first Italian made jet that saw service and was at first armed with the previously mentioned 4x 12.7 mm m3’s. But that armament is way to weak for tier 10 in my opinion and there are alternatives. The German variant was armed with 2x 30 mm Defa cannons and that variant was ultimately used by Italy as well in limited numbers and it effected them enough so its younger brother the G.91Y was also armed with 2x 30 mm Defa cannons. So for the sake of balance and historical accuracy to a point it gets 30 mm’s instead of the outdated 12.7 m3’s.

Now this is the end of part 1. Part 2 will be the Reggiane line and will probably come tomorrow.

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