Tech tree showcase [Wowp] Italy part 2

Well here is part 2 of the Italian tech tree. As some might have noted i didn’t say what type of aircraft the previous line was in part 1. Well it can be either fighter or multirole depending on how u want it. All planes has some ground pounding ability, especially the tier 9 and 10. This line is a clear fighter line though with very limited ground pounding ability. If someone wonders why it’s a mix of Reggiane and Caproni planes it’s because both companies don’t have enough planes for a full line and Caproni actually owned Reggiane.

Reggiane/Caproni (fighter) line:

Tier 2

Caproni Ca.114

The Caproni Ca.114 is a interwar biplane that was developed from the Caproni Ca.113 biplane trainer. It was armed with 2x 7.7 mm machine guns and had a top speed of 355 km/h. It competed against the Fiat Cr.32 to become the new main fighter of the Italian air force but lost due to various reasons. It was produced in 36 examples though and sold to the Peruvian air force. Its guns were rebarreled to 7.65 mm when in Peruvian service. So its standard armament will be the slightly bigger italian 7.7 mm machineguns but it will be able to upgrade them to 7.65 mm bullets which does slightly less dmg per bullet but the fire rate is increased by 100 rpm.


Tier 3

Caproni Ca.165

One of the lesser known Caproni biplanes but the Ca.165 was more or less like a biplane bf-109. It was fast with a speed of 470 km/h and had good armament consisting of 2x 12.7 mm breda machine guns. It was noted by a lot of pilots for being bad at turn fighting but being a great energy fighter. A more maneuverable variant was drawn up but it never went anywhere but to make the plane fit into this line of very maneuverable fighter planes that variant should be a fuselage upgrade. It was tested with a lot of different engines including radial engines which can be upgrades.


Tier 4

Reggiane Re.2000 Falco

One of the more infamous Italian fighter planes of WW2. Let me present the Reggiane Re.2000! This plane was extremely maneuverable, fast (530 km/h) and had very good armament (2x 12.7 mm breda) when it entered service in 1940. It has the ability to mount 2 extra 7.7 mm machineguns in the wings with the Re.2002 fuselage. This plane is the first of the Famous Reggiane planes in this line.


Tier 5

Reggiane Re.2001 Falco II

The Re.2000 wasn’t too popular in the Italian air force so a project was set up to produce an even better fighter. That fighter became the Reggiane Re.2001 Falco II! It used an improved Re.2000 fuselage and mounted a 1,175 hp Alfa Romeo inline engine (a more powerful and reliable license-built German DB 601). The speed did not improve too much but the plane was liked nonetheless. It can upgrade its fuselage to the Bis variant and mount 20 mm mg151’s in the wings while gaining a bunch of speed almost reaching 600 km/h.

Tier 6

Reggiane Re.2005

Here is another mix of 2 planes which shares the same fuselage. The stock plane is an Re.2004 which is basically an Re.2001 but with improved aerodynamics and an italian engine of the name Isotta-Franschini Zeta R.C.24/60 which i have no info about but it could mount an engine cannon and the prototype actually had 3x 20 mm mg151 cannons together with the 12.7 mm breda machine guns firing through the propeller. Anyway it can quickly upgrade it’s engine to a DB-605 which makes it the legendary Re.2005! This plane is much faster than the Falco II now reaching 620 km/h!


Tier 7

Reggiane Re.2005R

Italy started planning military jet aircraft extremely early with the earliest designs being drawn up before WW2. Now when the Re.2005 entered service it was on par with most planes it went up against but it was soon it was realized that a faster plane had to be designed. One of the ideas was fitting a jet engine in the tail of the Re.2005 giving it a boost in climb and general speed. The first design was not too practical and would have resulted in a failure if it had been built but a more realistic design was soon drawn up. The pre design was more of a proof of concept than an actual design and was named Re.2005SF. The real variant was named Re.2005R and featured a much bigger jet engine engine in the tail. According to documents it was to use the DB-605 but the blueprint i’ve come across shows a different engine, it’s probably some ingenious italian engine adding to the speed. In real life this project was shut down since italy got its hand on the powerful DB-603 and the jet engine would use up a bunch of fuel. The DB-603 variant was called Re.2006 and would have reached speeds up to 750 km/h but i decided to not have it in this line since it looks almost identical to the Re.2005 and those speeds would make it a tier 8 and leave a slot between the Re.2005 which is historically and practically a tier 6 not to mention the Re.2005R is really similar in config to the tier 8. The Re.2006 will be a premium tier 8 since i have had trouble finding those in abundance.

Tier 8

Caproni Ca.183Bis

Finally another Caproni design! This is the Ca.183Bis high altitude interceptor and i think u can understand why i went with the Re.2005R design previously. This thing is really big and really cool. It based on the famous Caproni Campini N.1 but differs in the way that it would use a DB-605 engine in tandem with the jet engine at the back just like the 2005R. The project is actually post 1943 and was was started as a collaboration between German and Italian engineers when Mussolini took back the power again in late 1943. A prototype was being built but destroyed in a bombing raid in 1944. The speed as expected to be 740 km/h which is really fast and the armament was to be either 5x 20 mm mg151’s or 4x 20 mm mg151’s and a nose mounted 30 mm mk103 (same gun as the pz II luchs). The 30 mm would obviously be an upgrade option and has the ability to effectively take out tanks due to its high penetration with ap rounds. The long wings would make it very maneuverable at high altitude which is the recipe for maneuverable at all altitudes in Wowp. Fast and turning like a spit with deadly armament.


Tier 9

Caproni Ca.197 Jumo

Now this is an aircraft i recently discovered. It an early post war jet fighter designed by Caproni and this specific variant where to actually use 2 Jumo 004 engines, probably Russian copies but it’s possible it could be German made ww2 ones or even more crazy, italian made ones. Any how all i’ve been able to find is a line drawing and it doesn’t show any armament, but its tier 9 so i would give it 4x 20 mm as standard and 4x 30 mm as an upgrade. it speed with those engines along with the sleek fuselage would give it a speed approaching 1000 km/h but probably it would be closer to 900 km/h depending on how well the engine is made. The standard engines can be German ones and the upgraded ones can be Russian made ones giving it a speed boost.


Tier 10

Caproni Ca.197 Ghost

Now this is is the real deal. This is the Caproni Ca.197 but with 2 DH Ghost engines. What makes it even cooler is that the design is totally different from the Jumo variant. Its speed with those engines would definitely make it go faster than 1000 km/h and probably even outspeed the at the time fastest planes F-86, J-29 and Mig-15. It’s armament are 4x 30 mm guns like on the upgraded Jumo variant. Unfortunately it could only find its frontal view so we can only speculate how it would look from above and from the side for now. It almost look like a Hawker Hunter but since it has 2 huge Ghost engines in its bum its more of a black mama looking hunter.


And that is the end of the Reggiane/Caproni line.

This is in my opinion one of the cooler lines in the tree at the time of this writing but that’s mainly cuz i only have an excel sheet to look at and not something more visualized like this article. Anyway don’t go around thinking this is where it’s at, that it aint gonna get any better than this, cuz this is just the start. Part 3 will be one of the few short lines of aircraft and that is the Ambrosini/Aerfer line. Stay tuned.

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Tech tree showcase [Wowp] Italy part 2

10 thoughts on “Tech tree showcase [Wowp] Italy part 2

  1. Nameless says:

    Where would the Reggiane Re.2008 fit in? Would it be a premium or simply an alternative to an existing plane?
    I know that it was a project based on the Re.2007 (the wartime hoax jet fighter) and that there were a few aircraft tested between 1947-1948. Other than that, couldn’t find anything more about it.

    1. Blockhaj says:

      The Re.2008 is just as fake as the Re.2007. Its known in the fake world as an Re.2007 but with an un specified engine and some fake blueprints shows it with a swept tail.

      1. armando30 says:

        no, the Reggiane 2007 is “real”, it did not exist as a wartime design but it was designed after it, and the Re.2008 was designed when he was in the US with the context of being a further development of the Re.2007, the Re.2008 was supposedly even tested on a wind tunnel

        there are tings in WoT and WoWs much more fake than either of these 2 because independently of how they came to be they existed at least in concept

      2. Blockhaj says:

        Its been proven time after time that the Re.2007 is fake. Reggiane didnt design planes after the war so a designation such as the Re.2007 with the armament and engine is just not possible.

      3. armando30 says:

        I know, but they are not fake (supposedly)
        their designer supposedly wrote a letter admiting Reggiane never studied creating a jet-fighter using a Re.2006 and calling it Re.2007, this means there was no Re.2007 and 2008 but that is only by name, I mentioned Re.2007/8 because that what the engineer, who had worked for Reggiane, supposedly used to gain recognition by the western allies after the war
        that however does not change the fact that documents were circulated with the drawings and specifications for the Re.2007, the people involved used «Reggiane paper» (paper bought in bulk by Reggiane for their work within the company with the company markings, wether watermarked or just printed)
        the “Re.2008” was later developed by the same person while in the US and models were supposedly tested in a wind tunnel
        the designs existed, however they were not made by or for Reggiane and the only issue with the 2007 and 2008 should be what to call it, that of course can become a headache since the designer did not give them proper designations, unless Reggiane (what is left of it) decides to accept them as their own projects since they were done by the same engineer who designed the Re.200X series (0~6) for Reggiane
        you could even call it Longhi Type 1 and Type 2 or whatever was more compatible, I seem to remember FIAT incorporated the initials of the engineer on their aircraft, so why not «Lo Type/Tipo 1/2» (I know that was FIAT’s practice and not Reggiane’s)

        calling them fakes is wrong, they are just wrongly named

      4. Blockhaj says:

        Still that gives them no reason to be added into the Italian tree. Maybe as a tier 8 premium. The current caproni jets are way more historical and until i see official us documents or a photo of the wind tunnel model i still dont believe that this plane is anywhere real.

      5. armando30 says:

        I also don’t have proof, that is why I wrote “supposedly”, as you mentioned Reggiane never designed or ordered the design of the “Re.2007”
        it is all said to be work of the same engineer who designed the other Re.200X and that he confessed everything through a letter
        in this website some sources are mentioned that explored these designs, including a book with his letters,835.0.html
        (in italian)

      6. Blockhaj says:

        The thing is that the designer did come up with the design but he did it to show off italian engineering and he said the the design is from 1943 even though he made it up way after WW2. The design is nothing more then a fake made by the designer himself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In an alternate timeline forward from 1942, as for Japan (J8M, Ki-162), then perhaps something similar could be for Italy, whereby they make use of shared German technology, or idealized Campini development — then the debate about fake-or-not wouldn’t matter.

    1. Blockhaj says:

      Well the Campini projects can actually prove the Re.2007 fakeness even more since it shows that the italian ww2 jet doctrine is more meteor like than sabre like. Especially with germany having the same aproach.

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