Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 5

Its finally time for another tech tree showcase! Here is Italy part 5 for WOWP. So since I started reworking the Attacker and second heavy fighter line i’m not gonna showcase them until I have finished them and i’m still searching for projects so the next tech tree showcase won’t be Italy but instead Poland which was voted as nr2 in the strawpoll I made a while ago.

Here is the IMAM, Piaggio and Macchi fighter line.





So the RO.41 is a fighter/trainer plane from the mid 1930’s. It has 2x 7.7 mm breda machine guns is very agile. It has a fuselage upgrade called the bis which has a slightly shorter wingspan which gives it greater speed at the cost of minor maneuverability changes. The bis variant in real life was a competitor against the CR.32 but ultimately lost.




The IMAM RO.51 was also a competitor to become the new main fighter of Italy. It was a full metal construction and has much better firepower compared to the RO.41. It has 2x 12.7 mm breda machine guns which is great for its tier. Its fuselage has fixed landing gear but it can upgrade its fuselage to the second prototype’s fuselage which has retractable landing gear which gives it better speed. Some sources talks about a wing redesign which if found can be a fuselage upgrade for the plane.



Macchi MC.200 Saetta

This is one of the planes the RO.51 lost too, the legendary macchi MC.200! This plane is very similar in both appearance and performance to the Fiat G.50. It has 2x 12.7 mm breda heavy machineguns and is a full metal construction. It has several engine upgrades and fuselage upgrades but no armament upgrades.


Macchi MC.202 Folgore

Let me represent the legendary MC.202 Folgore! This is considered to be one of the most advanced and best performing planes of its time and of the war. It had 2x 7.7 mm breda and 2x 12.7 mm breda machine guns. A lot of famous aces and historians agree that this would have been a game changer if it had a better armament. This plane was extremely fast and maneuverable when it entered service and its only weakness was its armament which started to show its age. The 12.7 mm breda machine guns while making big holes did not have the necessary velocity to be effective at high speeds since you had to lead way too much in front of the enemy to hit them and enemy pilots could easily deal with this by rolling and changing direction. But in wowp that won’t be a problem since historical numbers are often manipulated for balance and fun. But wait there is more! This thing can actually equip 2x 20 mm mg151’s in pods under its wings which gives it one of the better armaments at its tier together with one of the best speeds of its tier.



Piaggio P.119

This is a weird one but a great one at that. This is a prototype fighter from 1942 made by Piaggio and had very good armament and top speed. Its engine is located behind the pilot like on the P-39, P-63 and Ki-88 which makes it maneuverable but unstable which makes it harder to fly but with a skilled pilot it can allow for some extreme maneuvers. Its armament is 4x 12.7 mm breda in the nose and a 20 mm Breda firing through the propeller. Its speed is 644 km/h which is great for its tier. This thing will also become a heavy hitter when upgraded since it can install 4x extra 7.7 mm breda mg’s in the wings and replace the 20 mm breda with a 37 mm breda. This will effect its speed but make it great for interception and ground pounding.



Macchi MC.205 Veltro

Now we are finally back to legends again! Here is the legendary Macchi MC-205. It’s what the MC.202 should have been from the start. It uses the same engine and looks identical to newcomers but has 20 mm’s from the get go. Its top speed is 683 km/h and it’s base armament is 2x 12.7 mm breda in the nose and 2x 20 mm mg151’s in the wings. It can upgrade its armament to 3x 20 mm cannons with the N2 fuselage. With the MC.206 fuselage it gets slightly bigger wings. Now in game these will make the plane more maneuverable and faster for simplification. The final fuselage is the MC.207 which was the last design made by Macchi before Italy gave up in 1943. The MC.207 fuselage gives it the ability to upgrade to 4x 20 mm cannons. This will be one of the coolest tier 7 planes in the game.



Piaggio P-146

So here is another weird one and it’s made by Piaggio as well. Its an early jet design made by Piaggio and is very reminiscent of the P-80 shooting star but has swept surfaces. I haven’t been able to find any sources stating its armament or engine but some people believe it to be a DH Goblin engine and for armament i would give it 4x 20 mm’s for continuity and realistically and for balance its top speed should be around 800 km/h. It’s a cool design but not as cool as the next one.


Macchi M.B.324

So the MC.207 wasn’t the last fighter project of Macchi. In the early 1950’s they started a jet fighter program which lead to a few designs. SOme trainers, and recon planes but best of all fighter planes! The first design from 1950 is called MB.324. Its an interceptor and had a DH Ghost engine giving it a top speed of 1030 km/h. Its armament can’t be seen on the blueprints i’ve seen but i think both for real life usability and for game balance it should have 4x 20 mm cannons. Now let’s go to tier 10!


TIER 10.

Macchi M:B.327


Finally at tier 10. This is what is the final evolution of this project before it breaks the game balance. On this blueprint you can see that the armament is 4x 20 mm hispano cannons which more or less proves the previous armament of the 324. It differs mainly from the previous design in the engine which is a Bristol Siddeley Orpheus which increased its speed with a lot. This thing would be able to go around 1130 km/h which is slightly faster than the later Sabre variants which did not have an afterburner.

Now that’s what I had to show today. Hopefully I can showcase some WOWP or WT news soon since it has been dead for a long time and posting WT videos seems useless since most interested would be subscribed to their channel by now.

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Tech tree showcase [WOWP] Italy part 5

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    As for zje tier 4 MC 200 I believe to recall that there existed a variant with 2x 7.7mm MGs for the wings, similar to MC 202. Woukd need to dig at home for more details, if desired.

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