Tech tree showcase – [Wowp] Italy: Soon

Hello everyone. So previously i made a poll asking you guys what tree u wanted us to unveil after we had finished the Swiss tree. And as it looks now the next 5 trees we will unveil are these (in order):

  • 26.4 % (99 votes)Italian
  • 22.67 % (85 votes)Poland
  • 10.4 % (39 votes)Commonwealth (Australia & Canada)
  • 7.47 % (28 votes)Sweden
  • 6.13 % (23 votes)Yugoslavia

Mizu is working on part 3 of the Swiss air force and Italy will hopefully be showcased the same day a few hours afterwards so stay tuned. We have 6 lines prepared but there are enough prototypes and paper projects for atleast 4 more lines but i haven’t been able to fit these planes into lines which makes sense technologically nor finding enough jets to end those lines.

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