9.15 #2 Terrain Passability


a RU comrade made a video where he shows how WG changed the terrain passability between 9.14 and 9.15 #2 TS:

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9.15 #2 Terrain Passability

41 thoughts on “9.15 #2 Terrain Passability

  1. Jason says:

    I think it is a moot point. I cannot remember in 8k games one time I was shot from somewhere I did not think a tank could go. If someone plays hide and seek, cap.

    1. Peter Vis says:

      The problem is not that they are OP but some funny dicks think that its fun too sit in a spot were no other tank can come when they are the only one left. (Circonflex livestream had this problem) They needed to give up XP because some fucknut didnt want too die.

  2. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    these places were cool, but never tactically viable, save for a few. So this is just to kill the fun.

      1. Winterx says:

        Except for one or two cases this move towards taking all that away is just overboard. Congratz WG, you just found YET another way of killing light tanks. You sure as hell kill things dead like non other…

    1. The A6 – A7 “cheat” area on Artic Region was VERY tactically viable. Fast and easy to get to, could lite 1/3 the map, and with the bushes up there, very safe. Could even put shots into C2 and shoot down into mini-valley of D3

      Glad they are adding these hitboxes now. Shows at least that they’re paying attention, even if you don’t like the changes.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I really love that tank . . . except when you have to turn it. You’re right: It corners like it’s a brick.

    2. Delta says:

      You are far enough from the action to have time turning. Or else you could just train clutch break that would help a lot.

      1. Clutch breaking helps for 1 degree per second extra traverse speed on the Grille 15, i.e. fucking nothing. And the Grille 15 excels when playing almost like a med, you don’t have to camp in it. Tomatoes will still camp because tomatoes don’t/can’t use a thought process, but you don’t have to and often it’s better not to.

  3. shiramakun says:

    On a completely off topic side note here, are there going to be any changes made to the layout/fonts of this blog/site? IMHO i liked the layout of the comment section a lot better on the old blog. I have trouble reading the comments, its hard to see who is replying on what and when a comment ends and a new one begins.

  4. Teknokraatti says:

    A shame, some of these places seem absolutely hilarious, if tactically unviable. I can understand why the mountain goating on the last clip may be OP, but the others? Not so much. These would have been fun places to fool around in the training room, but apparently WG doesn’t see it this way.

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      If i was wg id expand the map let players climb it would be less world of corridors and more world of tanks as everyone will bennifit from it. Dont like it? Go cap you sore loser.

  5. On topic: Like others have said already. They ruined fun. There are only 3 of those places that offer tactical advantage and they are rather hard to get to.

    Off topic: Considering Grille 15 and GW Panther are pretty much the same vehicles, why don’t they buff the speed of the GW to match the Grille 15?

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Except the Grille’s accuracy is within a quarter mile and the GW is not, since it’s an artillery piece.

    2. Because a TD like this can use relocating to its advantage, and having great speed really helps with that. Arty needs no buffs, and doesn’t fucking move from the map border anyway

  6. Wargaming physics-tests: a whole lot of new places made available and waiting to be explored
    Wargaming 9.14: adds physics with limited places accessible for only some tanks
    Wargaming 9.15: 99% of new places now innaccessible for any tank (aka removes physics but you still can kill yourself by driving a bit too fast and turning upside down)

    what’s the point of 2 years of work and hype if you just make tanks die easier and add no interesting gameplay feature. These physics could have been amazing, they turned out to be a MT buff and TD nerf, as if MTs were not already dominating… yeah good job WG you killed what you had done reasonably correctly for once.
    inb4 9.16: removed sounds and moved to bigworld engine 1.0

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Really, all they have to do is cancel what this video displays, reduce the roll tanks get, give increased grip on tanks so they don’t slide off right after they cross a stupid angle, remove all invisible walls and actually have the “tank drifting” on all tanks that it was promised on, SD tanks can’t do it.

      It is that easy, then the physics are perfect, promises are fulfilled, everyone loves everything.
      But it was not to be.

      Then they could also fix the role of scouts
      gold ammo
      maps visual models being disgustingly different than the incomprehensible mess that the collision models are
      and this
      und that
      and this.

  7. stormcrow99 says:

    So… A tank already moves diabolically slow in water, and basically a drop of H2O will drain approx 70% of your engine power, THEN THEY FUCKING SLOW IT??? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS???

    1. This is just showing they fixed the bug where tanks keep their full mobility in water, as was the case in 9.14 with some faster tanks, namely Russian meds, the blackdog, etc.

      Try watching the video before you rage like an autistic kid on crack

      1. stormcrow99 says:

        So you genuinely believe I have not dipped water in 9.14 and that I wasn’t slowed down crucially by that? You know the location of the door, we don’t need a moron calling people names here and showing their own ignorance. Yes I know I called you names as well, but it’s an eye for an eye.

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      One thing aw did right made all tanks beable to cross water and use it as a path instwad or a map thats just a corridor And they extented the drown timer on scouts so scouts can be more useful 🙂 however in wot they dont do thwt… jerks

  8. Delta says:

    And they don’t remove that artillery hidding spot on Fisherman’s bay. A bit shamefull that they remove these fun spots that wouldn’t hurt gameplay that much. Because it takes suicidal bravery and alot of time (A luxery you don’t get a awful lot of.)

  9. whitebaron777 says:

    I have to tip my hat off to WG, not only are they attempting to destroy any creativity when it comes to positioning, but they are also failing miserably, as half of those locations are still reachable by tanks with ridiculous p/w ratios and terrain resistances, like the MT-25 and the bulldog

  10. Russianbias says:

    yes, 9.14 was fun, like great fun, best update ever and now the fun is over. Because fuck you, thats why

  11. SlayerBR says:

    well that was what my question was about when Rita asked us to make questions about the patch 9.15, and yes as I expected, WG that said “explore new places in the maps with the new physics” simply remove all the creativity and fun of the game….

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