Test Server New Map “Glacier”

Wargaming are teasing us with HD screen shots of the new Glacier map.

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Test Server New Map “Glacier”

20 thoughts on “Test Server New Map “Glacier”

  1. The frozen ship hull being part of the map is actually really cool to me (See what I did there?). Doesnt look like it will be super TD friendly or scout friendly though with the complete and utter lack of Bushes

    1. Anonymous says:

      Explored it on the test server tonight. It has a lot of good bushes and scout locations. Also td’s and hulldown tanks are gonna love this map! Can’t wait for it to go live!

    2. Kyros says:

      Quite the opposite, TDs will camp at spawn and snipe longrange unspotted. Light’s will active scout the shit out of everyone. Its a map where the tomatoe team loses in less than 2mins.

      Ships are wrong placed, making them absolute useless, they are just eyecandy. They should have made an ammoracked ship right in the middle, with chuncks to hide behind and the possibility to go though the destroyed ship. I would suggest an big Shitcarrier, making details like planes and safeboats lieing around, big hull chuncks, displaced Ice chuncks and Runways as cover around the detonation area.

      See I just came up with that Idea, making an clickersafe Heavytank battlefield, and meds can take the other mapparts to safe heavys from getting flanked.

      1. ben says:

        I would guess there is today good arty cover for heavy tanks on like ~70% of maps. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a map without these stupid short range corner fights?

      2. Anonymous says:

        Sounds like you are the expert on map design. But yeah let’s place a huge ship in the middle so all the bobs in their is7’s can brawl again, because that’s more fun. I don’t understand all the negativity, it’s a new and fresh looking map. Nobody has a clue on how it will play out on the live server so why don’t save all the negativity for the point after you played a lot of battles on the map. At least it’s not paris that sucks for all classes except heavys with armor.

      3. Kyros says:

        @ben Again the opposite, 70% of all maps are coverless open maps which favor clickers, thats why all heavys hide as fast as possible behind the most known covers. Thats why there are mostly only one spot on each map where heavys go, because they know its the most skycancer free spot.

        Remember me saying the changed Kharkov map is too open and it will be skycancer hell ? Guess why they rolled Kharkov rework back.

        @Anoymous That’s what every normal Player want, a place where both teams clash into eachother without any interference of clickers.

        Let me tell you about the map, see the middle of it ? Having some hills and cover ? Thats where active scouts and meds will go, and guess what happens. They will scout all the heavys going on the single usable position on this map, the heavys are on open field with no cover at all showing their sides. Guess what will happen with this Heavys exposing their sides to meds and lights and getting focused by TDs from spawn and clickers. The ones that will survive and reach this so called heavy position can be called living dead.

        Paris is one of the good maps. Clicker can’t interfere into heavys close combat which is a huge+. Meds and TD’s fight mostly in the upper 2/3 part of the map (Town middle and green) and clickers can focus on bushcampers. The only downside is that lights cant scout over 2k but having no problem on playing on it, flanking tanks changing positions and so on.

    1. ben says:

      Let’s think of current maps with open area: Prokorovka, Malinowka, stepps,… Sorry to tell you but these are not hated maps. These are pretty much favourite maps. Paris, Charkov, Stalingrad: All maps with much cover are hated. Do you see a pattern here?

      1. Kyros says:

        @ben You seem to play an other game or you’re just a tomatoe.

        Prokorovka- Loved by lights, clickerhell cause 15min camping, no clicker = active fight in the middle using the hills

        Malinovka- Loved by lights form top spawn, clickerhell cause 15min camping, Hill can’t be pushed if clickers are in the game, TDs camp till the end because they fear getting scouted, most hated by heavys because of camping TDs and clickers

        Paris- Loved by everyone except clickers, Heavys can fullfill their rolle, Meds can flank and counter enemy positions, lights can spott and flank, TDs can help heavys or push upper 2/3, imbalanced if tomatoe heavys vs good heavys but thats the mm fault

        Kharkov-Loved by everyone except clickers, Heavys can push positions or defend them and engage close combat, Meds can flank though the many different ways, Lights can’t scout good but can act as support for heavys or meds depending on enemy, TDs can push,defend or help heavys

        Stalingrad-Loved by everyone, Heavys have their close combat positions in west, Meds can help heavys and push or go east and push there, lights can go anywhere can flank, scout outplay and so, TDs either support Heavys or camp like sheeps on beach, clickers cant focus heavys all time because of good covers but can kill camper sheeps on the beach

        Do you see a pattern ? I do and it tells me someone likes to play on clicker and got triggered.

      2. Kyros says:

        @Marc Troll for what ? Telling you facts ? Destroying your little hopes and dreames where the map and MM is ofc at fault for your 46% ? Tell us all Mr Snowflake, we would like to hear something and not just wild accusations and insults.

        @lol Kharkov is a Skill dependend Map, no hiding in bushes, no camping on spawn, no running away. The Key is to take positions and push the lowest defended way when most enemys got spotted. If you suck at simple tasks like map awareness or what pushing means or even doing dmg every shot, then ofc you’ll hate the map, it does not allow for mistakes or tomatoes that like bushcamping. I bet you’re the kind of tomatoe that goes East-South corner with meds or lights, the most useless position, giving the enemy the win on a silver plate.

        Paris as I said if you would actually read a thing, but I fully understand that this is hard for you, is all about map awareness, right timing and a basic understanding of the game. Just like on Kharkov, but this time you need to be patient and wait till you know where the enemy is positioned. Once you see the weakest point, you rush that side and get an advanced position to counter them.
        – If they left green weak, you rush redline till the clicker positions or you rush though the middle till their hill from there you either scout for your team or kill them by yourself.
        – If they left the town middle weak, you rush from street to street till you can flank their position with no risk of getting further dmg, if they back up you just turn around and flank their heavys, it’s that simple.

        The only players that don’t want to rush, take counter positions or are afraid of taking dmg are mostly brainless tomatoes. Its all about trading some HP for a better position to counter the enemy and it always was.

      3. Robopon says:

        Taking position on a city map and pushing requires no skill or map awareness, you don’t even need two brain cells to do that. “Hiding in bushes” and “running away” is called “positioning” and “picking a fight” and it’s much more difficult than a city brawl. And no, I’m not talking about camping on the red line, I’m talking about actually playing the game. You’re either a troll or typical “Steve the IS-7 Driver”.

    2. Yes sky cancer fo corse.
      O-Ho:15 cm gun 910 he damage 75mm pen 14,04s reload time 3889 dpm
      SU-14-2: 20,3 cm gun 1050 he damage 52mm pen 36,33s reload time 1734 dpm
      M40/M43: 8-inch gun 1050 he damage 52mm pen 38,82s reload time 1622 dpm
      FV207: 6-inch gun 700ke damage 38mm pen 24,77s reload speed 1695 dpm
      G.W.Tiger(P): 21cm gun 1100he damage 53mm pen 39,7s reload speed 1662 dpm
      Lorraine 155: 15 cm gun 750 he damage 45mm pen 25,32s reload speed 1777 dpm

      Out of this 6 tank witch one has armor HP and the ability to snap shot you in a corner fight for 300 to 900 damage?

      Just another fun fact: Lets say all above tanks are firing the same tank at the edge of the rendering distance 450m
      O-Ho: shell velocity 540 m/s = 0,83s travel time
      SU-14-2: shell velocity 425 m/s = 1,05s travel time
      M40/M43: shell velocity 440 m/s = 1,02s travel time
      FV207: shell velocity 480 m/s = 0,93s travel time
      G.W.Tiger(P): shell velocity 437 m/s = 1,03s travel time
      Lorraine 155: shell velocity 475 m/s = 0,94s travel time
      And this is calculated in straight line but the arty fires in an arc so it is even slower you need to lead the sots and guess where the target is going in around 1.5 sec or more in advance in order to hit something.
      There is no sky cancer just whiny heavy players.

      1. bbmoose says:

        You don’t have to hit to track or stun and you don’t have to expose yourself. Only bushwanking on the other side of a map, shooting every now and then without risk. There is a lot to discuss, but not about skycancer. It’s just ruining the game and you don’t need any kind of skill to ruin anyone’s day.

      2. Kyros says:

        @bbmoose At least you understand the problem, thank you sir.

        @All other simple minded
        Having a imbalanced Tank that can shoot from spawn with no disadvantages or consequences, and then you defend such things.

        Clicker were made to stop camping, but they are the reason for camping since ever. Clicker were never used in war as anti tank Guns, they are made for bombarding buildings and enemy camps to destroy cover and fortified positions and lowering the moral.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are only supposed to be heavy friendly maps now , hence the need to redesign and flatten all the maps under the guise of HD.
    No cover no TD’s , open spaces no ridges – no lights , no lights – no spots for arty, no arty and its big guns and OP armour vs meds. Then its gold spam galore and for WG the sale of more premium tanks and accounts to pay for it…….
    That’s why personal reserves for credits are like gold dust – WG wants you to run out of credits and the best way is spamming premium ammo at invulnerable tanks…

    1. Players are spamming golds at even light tanks too. In every tier there is that pro player who use only gold ammo.

      I suggest to rebalance gold ammo:
      1. make it cheaper (around normal one but still not that “cheap”)
      2. If it has 30% more penetration reduce its damage with 30%
      3. If it has 20% more damage reduce its penetration.

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