Thaine Lyman Changes Jobs.

Thaine Lyman

Though gamescom has already ended, the news from it has not all arrived yet.

In such a large-scale project as World Of Tanks, from time to time there will be big changes. And a few days ago a new chapter began. During the Game Space, Thaine Lyman, “Product Director of the World of Tanks PC”, publicly announced that he was giving way as a product director for World Of Tanks on the PC.  He did it officially, because already for a month there were such rumors. A new person “as yet unnamed” has already been appointed.

“At our party during the exhibition in Cologne, I publicly announced the change in my role in Wargaming, and the fact that I will hand over my place as the head of the WoT PC.
I can not yet say what I will work on now, but I will still stay in WG and this will be a new project.
I’m delighted with what we could achieve while I was the head of the project. I am proud of the team I gathered and the difficulties that we have overcome together. I am amazed at how much I like the city of Minsk and its inhabitants. And I’m grateful to Viktor Kislom, like everyone else, for believing in me, and allowed me to take this responsibility. ”

Thain got his post in Wargaming in the summer (June) of last year. He became famous for producing such games as: Call of Duty (2003), Call of Duty 2 (2005).

Thank’s to DoM1N and WoT Express

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Thaine Lyman Changes Jobs.

20 thoughts on “Thaine Lyman Changes Jobs.

  1. Being an American and not speaking Russian or understanding the Russian alpha type male mentality hierarchy coupled with a completely new almost alien Russian culture which is still evolving towards a western lifestyle (in its own ways) would be like living on the moon for an American
    ~ so this ‘news’ its hardly surprising, and that he lasted a year that is surprising

    1. Nameless says:

      Well, he was kinda right. Arty is, indeed, easier to play with for autist people. The context in which he said this, however, rendered the statement as an insult to arty players.

      1. Justsaying says:

        Oh, I dont mind. It was just the first thing coming to my mind trying to give others an Idea who he is (Looking back maybe it wasn’t such a smart example :/).

        But actually he was a very nice guy when I talked to him. As I also talked with Thaine in 2016, I think I can say Slava is way closer to the players and doesn’t mind admitting that some things went wrong in WoT, yet he also isn’t one of those PR guys that try to please everyone at the same time (If he thought an idea was stupid or unnecessary, he openly said so (Yet was still open for arguments on such topics)).
        Moreover he put a lot of effort into trying to put changes in a bigger picture and seemed very eager to focus on improving how WG communicates on changes and the ideas behind them.

      2. Nameless says:

        Well then, hope for the best. Still, accuracy and gold ammo are the number one biggest problems along with tank balancing.
        If they’d start compensating the players for premium tank nerfs, that’d be a big thing. You just have to understand that your premium tank is unbalanced and creates a terrible game experience to all others.
        As for accuracy, it’s just waaaaay to random. Fully aimed shots have at least a 60% chance of missing which, in my book, is too much. It just doesn’t make sense.
        Oh, and premium ammo. The single most discussed balancing topic. This, in particular, is so easy to balance yet they just don’t wanna do it x_x
        All in all, I’m hoping that they may introduce a mini-patch system in which, through small patches, they balance some tanks.

  2. Never mind says:

    So in other words WG has sacked the scrub responsible for all the crap OP premiums? Thank the gods for that. (He will not be missed)

  3. GamingW/War says:

    So, I have a general question.
    Is this really a change in direction for WoT or is this just the community senses on the matter?

    Because if I recall correctly Thaine promised us that armor would become relevant again and it has. We now have borderline or flat out OP heavy tanks. Hell they keep teasing a tier 8 E100 to our distane!
    So what is really happening here? Is this just a bait and switch or are they really going to fix the problems in WoT?

    Every other patch has been Meh and they have flat out listened to QB and SirCon ideas and implemented them. Marks on tier ten from QB this patch and 10 light from SirCon when they were introduced.

    Will they finally listen to the masses? Or just keep the old vets happy?

    1. bbmoose says:

      It’s better to listen to those guys then to the biggest part of the community that has no single clue how the game works. Especially Circon has a very good vision on this game and he dares to be more vocal about obvious problems with the game.

      1. GamingW/War says:

        I agree with you to so extent but that’s just laziness on WG’s part. They still screwed up the lights even with SirCon input and I don’t think the community is just stupid. Maybe the new guys that are just playing the game and don’t care, sure. But most people I talk to have an idea or two of how to a fix the game. Yet it goes no where because WG is listening to the select few that they agree with to an extent. Everyone else is just wrong or “doesn’t speak for that part of the community” In WG’s eyes. Look at historical accuracy for example. That’s been almost completely scrapped at this point.

        That’s why I’m questioning this move by WG are they going to listen to everybody or just the few. Because if they keep the course this game will become Pay to Win and we will be no closer to fixing the problems in WoT.

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