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on Wednesday this happened to me:

This is the second time in 2 weeks I had to make a fresh World of Tanks reinstall, my PC is fine and I’ve been playing vanilla/without mods for well over a year. Wasn’t 9.14 suppose to be all about fixing bugs? Because seems like its worse.

I even tried to conform with the situation and pressed battle to see if the game was playable but while I could hear the in-battle sounds, the game just gave me a black loading screen and restarting didn’t helped.

This honestly pissed me off, takes me ages to download a game like WoT and ended up having to cancel my Wednesday stream plans, you know things got bad when you have to play Defend the Highlands instead!

Any of you got the same issue?

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Thanks Wargaming…

46 thoughts on “Thanks Wargaming…

  1. Adrian says:

    Haven’t played much since the patch, or at all lately really but the 3 or 4 games I’ve played I’ve had no issues. Mostly what I get from this post is a burning desire to blow $5 on Defend the Highlands…

  2. It looks like one of your text files are missing/corrupt. Cliënt can’t load it’s strong values.

    WG needs to implement a ‘repair’ function, which checks all data files. Many other online games already have something like this.

  3. Isnes says:

    You don’t have to reinstall the whole game, you just need to redownload the localisation file. Change language in launcher, wait for download, change back to the original one, wait for download and boom, issue fixed.

    Personally I haven’t seen this bug before.

  4. Estroms says:

    If it does not work, delete everything in this folder:



  5. Rick says:

    Luckily only one crash to desktop but my fire extinguisher went back to default tho in game it said I still had it assigned to space bar.So for 2 days I was burning trying to fig what was going on.Set everything to default then made my changes and is fine now tho I dont like the muffled gun sounds in tank.

  6. Bern says:

    Haven’t noticed too many issues I play strongholds and clan wars on a daily basis and haven’t noticed and more people having any more glitches that usual.

  7. mahmoudahmed131006 says:

    I’d say its a mod problem but clearly its not in your case but it did happen to me and removing the mods fixed it, I’d check the folder in C:\Users\”your username”\AppData\Roaming\
    deleting it might fix the problem if not, well idk.
    btw what is your internet connection speed?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The only problem I have ever had was with mods. Playing Vanilla and no problems at all. But my machine is specifically built( Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition Eight Core, Corsair Dominator Platinum Series 128GB (8x16GB) DDR4) and configured for WoT, nothing else. Specifically written software for Self cleaning, fixing errors, etc….

  9. mistageko says:

    It looks like your game has corrupted the access points for the majority of the files available down to the point you’ve only got a (partially?) functional Garage with debug strings. o.o

    I’ve never seen this happen before.

  10. Never had an issue with WoT at all in over 37k battles since April 2011. And I run mods. WoWS yes, trouble.
    I thought Rita’s resilience to the disappointment in finding that bizarre game with the Scots fighting the rest of the nations of the UK was admirable.

  11. 2goxd says:

    Hey ! If this continues happening you should think about your PC’s boot-up time and if you noticed things like missing icon pictures, browser crashes, BSOD and other weird stuff.

    1. I always keep it updated, clean (in and out) and make reboots once things start getting too messy. No crashes, nothing. WoT is the only game I get these issues with.

      1. It actually has nothing to do with any of that, it’s much simpler than that. WG keeps all strings in text files using the extension .mo, they are located in World of Tanks\res\text\lc_messages. Unfortunately, they have used the same tech as they did for the sound folder. If one file is not present in this folder, none of them will work.

        This usually happens either with a mod using old text files, or more likely in your case, a file didn’t get downloaded after the update or one accidentally got deleted.

      2. 2goxd says:

        Hmm :/
        Well then it’s really WoT…
        You can always try uninstalling it with Revo Uninstaller and then you fresh install it… so you don’t have to hunt down leftovers by yourself.

  12. burocracy says:

    I have issues of not being able to leave a game when I die, unless i activate task manager and reneter the window.

  13. Nathan says:

    Weird, I’ve played the game since Dec 2013 and probably crashed less than 20-30 times. Never once had to reinstall. Must be your computer I think.

  14. Markus Heide says:

    I’ve got some some other, lets say, errors some patches of the ground got no texture and ‘Problem?’
    writing on it
    next playing session everything was normal
    did some screenshots just in case

  15. Landser says:

    Actually yes. When joining battles i don’get the black screen but it gets stuck in the loading screen with the battle ongoing. Works after restart though.

  16. I think you should run Memtest86+ to check for possible memory error. In my experience, memory error sometime contribute to corrupted file on harddisk.
    And you should run Hddtune to check for possible bad spot on hdd if possible.

  17. wolvenworks says:

    don’t have that problem (i run Aslain’s pack), but i’ve seen several ppl complaining about the lag. not sure if server lag, ISP lag (like me), or both.

    i’m suspecting both

  18. just4 says:

    lol, you don’t have to reinstall the game because of this, it’s “just” a problem with your language file.
    Select a different language in the launcher-> start the game->go back to the launcher and select your normal language you use-> fixed
    a simple google search would have helped

  19. Hrothgar says:

    I have a bug when i am getting shot. Once for a while, when it is happened, a game froze and i must restart it. Imagine it when it is last tank from enemy and you had 5 kills .

  20. Blizzard36 says:

    I’ve had a number of issues, but they’ve all been in postmortem mode. So I just have to exit the match quickly when I die. A bummer for me since I enjoy watching the battle play out.

  21. KiwiTT says:

    Haven’t played WoT for ages now … think I will uninstall it again as even after years of release it still has bugs. AW may not be perfect, but it is still effectively ‘in development’.

    1. Anonymous says:

      download speed has nothing to do whit the country you live in. i live in the Netherlands and i can download WoT at my highscool in 10 minits while it takes 30 minits if i download it at home. all has to do with your internet provider, location (not country) and if you have a glasfibre conection or not

  22. joat says:

    If it is not a mod-related problems the following can be used to check your installation:

    Create a new shortcut for the launcher, open the properties for the new shortcut
    Add -integrity in target, ex. “C:\Games\World_Of_Tanks\WOTLauncher.exe” -integrity

    When you use that shortcut it will check all the files and try to correct broken ones.

    Also, as others have suggested above; you probably have to clean out your WoT-folder under %AppData%\Roaming\
    Remember that all your settings will disappear also when doing that

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