The Chieftain Gives a Tank Talk + Some Meandering

US AFV Development in WW2, or, “Why the Sherman was what it was” Enjoy.


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The Chieftain Gives a Tank Talk + Some Meandering

4 thoughts on “The Chieftain Gives a Tank Talk + Some Meandering

  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Lol, The Chieftain still trying to big up the sh*tty Sherman. You have to give credit to this dude, he’s persistent if nothing else…

    1. Probably because, contrary to Hollywood or the effectively debunked “Death Traps”, it actually was a good general purpose tank.

      Sure you can say that the German cats had better firepower but they broke down so often that “unreliable” is an understatement (the abysmal combat availability figures at Kursk were not an anomaly the breakdown rate was only marginally better by the time of the Ardennes). The T-34 was an unwieldy ergonomic nightmare and the /85 was comparable in capability to the 76mm armed Sherman if the Korean War is any indicator.
      Of the British contemporaries the Cromwell was less well protected and horribly cramped and the Churchill was very slow.

      So yeah, the M4 Sherman, not a “sh*tty” tank at all.

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