The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

One of the new features of Update 0.9.8 is the Dockyard, where you’ll be able to construct Anchorage.

VIII Anchorage is a multipurpose heavy cruiser that performs best when fighting at short and medium ranges. The ship is armed with twelve 203 mm guns mounted in four triple turrets, making her capable of unleashing a weighty salvo. Anchorage’s AP shells have enhanced ricochet angles like those of the researchable American heavy cruisers. The Hydroacoustic Search consumable and torpedo armament she carries enable Anchorage to perform effectively in close quarters combat, while her Smoke Generator—a feature not typically found on American heavy cruisers—will help her escape situations where she finds herself under concentrated enemy fire.

Rules of the Event

The rules of the new Dockyard are similar to those of the Hamburg Dockyard:

  • The shipbuilding process is divided into 20 phases.
  • These phases can be completed by progressing through Directives of the event, purchasing discounted Starter Packs, or exchanging 1,750 doubloons for each phase.
  • The Directives will span two updates—0.9.8 and 0.9.9, and the Dockyard itself will remain in your Ports until the end of Update 0.9.10.
  • In total, you can complete 18 out of 20 shipbuilding phases by progressing through Directives. Two of the 20 phases must be completed by spending doubloons.
  • VIII Anchorage and her National camouflage, along with a 10-skill Commander, Port slot, and commemorative flag, await you upon completion of the 20th phase.


The new game event has 48 missions spread across six Directives. The first Directive will become available with the release of Update 0.9.8, while those that follow will be unlocked each week.

Completing each Directive will progress you through three shipbuilding phases:

  • Two shipbuilding phases are completed by accomplishing specific missions that form part of the Directive.
  • One shipbuilding phase is completed by finishing the entire Directive.

Detailed information about the Directives is available in the game client.


By progressing through missions of the Directives, you can complete 18 out of 20 shipbuilding phases and obtain the corresponding rewards at the Dockyard.

By accomplishing the first two Directives, you can complete up to six shipbuilding phases and obtain the following rewards:

  • 7,500 Coal
  • 1 day of Warships Premium Account
  • 2x Gift containers, holding five special signals each
  • 10x Stars’n’Stripes camouflages

Completing four out of the six Directives will progress you through up to twelve shipbuilding phases and grant you even more valuable rewards:

  • 100,000 Free XP
  • 7,500 Coal
  • 4 days of Warships Premium Account
  • 10x signals of each of the following types: Wyvern, Dragon, and Scylla
  • 2x Gift containers
  • 15x Stars’n’Stripes camouflages

Accomplishing all Directives of the event will progress you through 18 shipbuilding phases and grant you all the available rewards:

  • 100,000 Free XP
  • 7,500 Coal
  • 4 days of Warships Premium Account
  • 10x signals of each of the following types: Hydra, Basilisk, Scylla, Leviathan, Dragon, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, and Wyvern
  • 7x Gift containers
  • 15x Stars’n’Stripes camouflages

In order to complete the 19th and 20th phases, in addition to progressing through all the Directives, you’ll need to spend doubloons to pass through any two shipbuilding phases.

  • Reward for completing phase 19: 10,000 Coal
  • Final reward: VIII Anchorage in the National camouflage, a Commander with 10 skill points, Port slot, and a commemorative flag

If you would rather not wait, you can complete all the shipbuilding phases in exchange for doubloons and thus obtain all the available rewards immediately. If you decide to complete construction of the ship at the Dockyard by using doubloons, you can still progress through the Directives. In that case, you’ll get 600 Research Points for each completed phase instead of the standard rewards. Thus, you can earn up to 10,800 Research Points in total. If you haven’t yet accessed the Research Bureau, you’ll gain access to it immediately with the first Research Points you earn. At the same time, you’ll receive 10,000 Research Points as a one-time reward and unlock the possibility to earn Research Points by completing Daily Missions.

If you want to complete shipbuilding phases at a discount, you can purchase two Starter Packs:

  • Two shipbuilding phases for 3,000 doubloons
  • Eight shipbuilding phases for 8,000 doubloons

Please note: you can purchase the Starter Packs only before you complete the first four shipbuilding phases by progressing through Directives of the event.

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The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

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