The final fate of the Chi-Ri

One thing that has often been wondered when it comes to armored vehicles is what happened to the Type 5 Chi-Ri that was captured by US forces at the end of WWII. Wikipedia claims that it was earmarked for testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds but its fate after being captured is unknown, while claims it was lost at sea or scrapped in place. However, neither of these are true. Recently an April 10th 1952 video has surfaced again on YouTube thanks to the efforts of Eun Ae Sun and myself (I found the online archive that held the video), detailing a number of vehicles being scrapped at Aberdeen for a steel drive as well as showing footage of scrapping taking place in Japan. The Aberdeen footage is quite striking given the vehicles shown to be scrapped:

Vehicles shown include the Chi-Nu, Chi-To, Chi-Ri, Ho-Ha APC, Ho-K armored lumberjack vehicle, a Ke-To light tank, and both a Panther and JagdPanther. So the Chi-Ri did in fact make it to Aberdeen where it was sadly scrapped rather than being preserved, although at least we finally know what happened to it.

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