The goods and bads about World of Tanks

Good evening everyone, MarkGFL ( formerly known as Aging Jedi) has posted a video talking about his love/hate relationship with World of Tanks adressing 5 things he hates and 5 things he loves about World of Tanks. He’s mentioning some valid points and i think that most of you can agree to him as well.

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The goods and bads about World of Tanks

6 thoughts on “The goods and bads about World of Tanks

  1. DickHerMax says:

    One thing missing: WG’s bullshiting the playerbase with a straight face while looking them into the eye. #HappyPlayer #PleaseTrustUs #OurDataIndicatesThatEveryoneIsWrong

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would die for a reply from wg to one of her community contributers but as jedi has said himself lots of times the cc program is useless and wg will do whatever the crap she wants. They have the cc program just for the playerbase to have the dillusion that wg listens to our feedback…….

  3. Anonymous says:

    The +2/-2 MM doesnt bother me all that much, id gladly take a hit to que time if wg would code for MM to take into consideration how often you are at the bottom (they kinda do but its only after like 5 consecutive battles of being bottom), the 3/5/7 format i think is ok, but instead of getting bottom 70% of the time, code for mm to make you (for 3/5/7 sake) bottom 1/3, mid 1/3, and top 1/3.

    I could live with that….

    1. Paglia says:

      Like you, I can live with the +/-2 MM, but it’s manageable only for more experienced players. Newbies have few chances to come by, until they understand to be cautious and not try to win the game solely handedly. Until then, they are food for the better players.

      So, less lower tiers would probably also have a bonus side effect : less newbies in a match, since they mostly play lower tiers since they lack skills and don’t grind that fast on average (not considering bots here), This would make battles more fierce, more interesting. The current setup gives less experienced players an illusion they can fight… but when capable players hold the higher tier, they are mostly doomed.

      Before implementing the new MM, they said theyr were worried that lower tier would have not chances to make their way trough game, so they added more of them ?!?… hopig they would kill each others and grab some XP along the way. But to be honest, higher tier jsut have more easy preys to feed one now… and more and more less experienced players thrown into matches they can’t handle until later one.

      One has to remember that the Learning curve on this game is rather long : 6000+ games before the average player starts to do something meaningful…

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