The Introduction of Author Blockhaj

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I’m Blockhaj.


I’m one of the new writers for RSR and will mainly cover War Thunder and in the future even World of Warplanes if it turns out they fix the game with their upcoming patch known as 2.0. 

Some of you may have seen and talked to me on Discord but for those who are totally new to me i’m mainly a War Thunder player and have played it since the early days of the 20 tier system. I have also played Wot, Wowp and Wows since their betas too although they have have never been my main game. Other than covering WT and Wowp I am also a sucker for making fan trees for War Thunder and WG titles and i will probably cover a lot of them in the future.

I hope to bring you guys cool and interesting news in the future. If u have any questions then you can easily find me on Discord.


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The Introduction of Author Blockhaj

14 thoughts on “The Introduction of Author Blockhaj

  1. Tiger says:

    Glad to have you Blockhaj.

    I am a big fan of WT-GF, especially sim battles.

    Fell in love with that game and would like to see sone news related to it here.

    For me, the only 2 things holding back sim battles are:
    1. A team communication system not as useful as the WoT.
    2. Spawn camping by fast tanks such as Hellcats and T-44s.

    Hope gaijin fix it fast.

    1. Blockhaj says:

      Well what i personally think they should do is to disable the chat for realism and add a full on radio system.

      1. Mizutayio says:

        you do know that not everyone has a mic, doesn’t want to talk or is a guy who would constantly insult you for no reason. so keep the chat and make it more bearable for everyone

  2. started war thunder again and again, but it’s very challenging to eyes since you really have to spot enemy yourself.

    but it is pretty more realistic than wot for sure. i tried to get at least one tier 10 tank but it was too hard to grind.

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