The Italian Challenge – Roll out for Rewards!

Just up on the EU portal the missions and rewards for the event.

A bunch of Italian medium tanks are all busy warming up their engines to leave the assembly line. But in the meantime, we’re bringing you a little something special to get battle ready: the Italian Challenge. And it’s totally not a way to just have some fun before the new line rolls out. Promise.

Running from 13 April at 12:00 CEST to 27 April at 12:00 CEST, the Italian Challenge will twist the Random Battles experience into a frantic and furious hunt for a host of rewards and in-game valuables. From Credits, Personal Reserves, and unique camo through to the mighty Progetto M35 Mod 46 that features the all-new autoreloader mechanic.

Hop on board to battle your way over 10 fierce stages and reap in-game rewards. Make it to the finish line to earn the 1st Italian tank and gear up for a new nation!

How It Works

The Italian Challenge includes 10 consecutive stages to complete. To make the event more versatile and fun, we’re introducing two ways to earn rewards.

  • Endurance race: Built around the amount of base XP points you earn, this approach encourages those who succeed by sheer persistence. Each stage will require you to gain a certain amount of XP, rolling out in Tier VI and higher vehicles. Just remember: you’ll only have your result counted if you reach the Top 10 of your team’s list at the end of a battle—no matter whether your team wins or loses.
  • Ramp up the challenge: You can opt for alternative, far more complex tasks, while being limited to Tier X machines. Fulfilling these objectives will save you time, but you’ll have to give it your all.
ProTip: Both sets of tasks will be fulfilled simultaneously (given all conditions are met), so it doesn’t matter how exactly you end up progressing to the next stage.

What’s on the Line

Firstly, the Progetto M35 mod 46 Premium tank is the main prize, and this is the first time ever a Tier VIII vehicle has been both a trophy and a a tank that launches a new nation. Secondly, tankers will get a chance to earn it for free. It’s a challenging objective that will require the best of your abilities, but the result is more than worth it.

Close-Up on the Autoreloader Mechanic

As opposed to a traditional autoloader that lets you jump into Rambo mode before turning into a ninja while your magazine reloads, the autoreloader is trickier. Right after you fire your first shell, the magazine instantly starts loading a fresh one. Here’s where you have the freedom to choose whether to wait for reloading to complete, or spit out your remaining rounds. If you go the classic autoloader route, every successive shell will gradually take more and more time to load.

The new mechanic potentially gives you complete freedom of choice in regards to your attacking arsenal, but it also requires you to learn some new tricks and gain new sets of reflexes that will help you seamlessly switch between the two modes at the crucial moment.

ProTip: Hold off on unleashing all your ammo: you might need that extra shell in a few seconds.

But wait, there’s more to the Italian Challenge than its main trophy. As you work your way to get your hands on it, you’ll be earning a whole bunch of other valuable items!

  • Finishing each stage will fill your vault with Credits, Personal Reserves, and Consumables
  • Completing 7 stages will land you an exclusive customization style and an additional Garage slot
  • Completing all 10 stages will land you an additional Garage slot and the Progetto


The Fast Lane

If you’re anxious to try out the new experience immediately, you can jump to the Premium Shop and purchase the whole bundle featuring all the rewards for each event battle mission and the Progetto.

If you decide to purchase the bundle, completing stages beforehand will discount the final price—10% off for each stage completed. For example, completing 7 out of 10 stages will knock 70% off the price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Purchasing the bundle gives you the full pack of rewards and automatically checks all event battle missions as completed. So you won’t be able to access them once you have the bundle.

The Italian Challenge is going to become a totally new experience for us, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Jump in, reap the rewards and hit the battlefield in a shiny new Progetto! Whether you choose to spend more time or take it with sheer skill, owning that Italian medium is well worth the effort.


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The Italian Challenge – Roll out for Rewards!

16 thoughts on “The Italian Challenge – Roll out for Rewards!

  1. kunexar says:

    first mission is either high caliber in T10 or 5k xp, if rest of marathon will be same amount of XP then im more than happy with it!

  2. James K says:

    get your grind on!
    So far doesnt sound too convoluted like the each nation grind. This will be a daily xp grind wonder if boosters can count towards it ..

    1. Varia Vespasa says:

      Says “base exp” so I doubt boosters or x2 or premium will count. Assuming I mathed right its 312k total base exp in top-10-on-your-team battles. 2-3 of them might be a little easier in the tier 10 option. Stages 1 and 3 could be easier using tier 10s but its down to luck. Stage 4 and 9 are likely easier using T10. Stage 6 and 7 might be a little easier with T10 depending how good you are.

      1. Vanler says:

        premium tanks have more base experience + the extra of being a visatenk that give you more exp. but this second won’t count on the grind.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems this time wargaming is really doing their best to make the marathon as comfortable as possible. 1) Two different ways of achieving the goal, 2) you can even combine them and 3) you just buy whats missing. This probably means a significant general discount for most of the players. I like it.

  4. Dario says:

    This marathon is beyond the scope of reality, getting 312k xp in 14 days for people who actually have lives it’s not possible and the T10 missions are somewhat possible but you have to get lucky to get 3/5/7 MM and that is probably going to be even more rare than it already is at T10 because everyone will play T10 to do the missions

    1. That’s why you should try your best to get the most of the discount. Then pay lesser than buying any T8 tank straight off. If you are not going to buy it, you’ll still get some rewards from the missions.

  5. Backslash says:

    these missions are basically disastrous. they require only base xp for the counters, and each further mission requires more. not sure the average player can do 4 hours a day for the last set of missions, nor can most of use expect to play our tier tens effectively to try to get the other half done instead.

  6. Kyros says:

    Who would have forseen this ? A fuck you right in the face of all Baguetto M35 buyers.
    I wonder how it feels, to waste your money on an Free2Pay game for overpriced pixels, and not even one week later getting shit right in the face by the same company.

  7. L3gionaire says:

    If you want to go for base exp, you have to play the tank you feel most comfortable with and have the best win rate in it. A win gives much more base exp then a loss. Then it’s having a lot of kills, cause those boost base exp even further.
    Maybe also play a tier 9 for example, you gain more base exp in tier 9 then tier 10.
    Also, you have to rush first missions to have enough time to complete the harder ones.
    Just a few thoughts.

    1. Berto72 says:

      No. Winrate tell nothing.
      You have to check the 2 or 3 tanks with best avg XP.
      then 312000/ 14/ your XP = daily battles (x about 6 = daily time in min.)

      Play those tanks, as soon as one blow up, start another battle with other.
      Some tier X Missions are faster for Mastery than for Commitment.
      If you wanna waste time as calculated for all those days.
      Otherwise get a fresh beer with a friends

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