The Last Waffenträger

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A grand return to World of Tanks! From September 28 through October 12, The Last Waffenträger special event will take place.

Riding the Legend

Engineer Max von Krieger found the last remaining Waffenträger and gave it a second life. It became even more dangerous, unpredictable, and formidable. The legend returns to World of Tanks! The last Waffenträger!

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The Last Waffenträger

4 thoughts on “The Last Waffenträger

      1. Anonymous says:

        It ended up taking around 165 loot boxes to get the T77. And that’s including the one “free” reopening. 7 of the 9 tanks came from reopenings and I reopened every single loot box. It’s a complete scam.

      2. Kulingile says:

        Definitely. Quickybaby did a video opening 200 loot boxes. He calculated that there was a 0.57% chance of getting a T77 from a loot box.

        This is absolutely despicable on Wargaming’s part. It’s bad enough charging outrageous credit amounts to re-roll the free progression-limiting loot boxes, but to actually charge gold to re-roll the loot boxes you purchased? Looks like Wargaming is getting even greedier than they were before.

        I can’t express my disgust at WG introducing yet more loot boxes into the game, and in a way designed to milk as much money from as many people as possible. Wargaming has introduced a system in this even where freely awarded loot boxes are used to block event progression and encourage people to spend insane amount of credits re-rolling the loot boxes in an attempt to get the items they need to progress. They’ve introduced a new tier 8 premium autoloading heavy tank that is only available in purchasable loot boxes. They allow you to re-roll the purchasable loot boxes in the hope that maybe having another chance will get you that shiny new tank, but require you to use their real-world currency equivalent to do so – and neatly exploiting the sunk-cost fallacy in the process.

        This whole event is nothing more than a way for Wargaming to drain the silver, gold, and wallets of their players.

        Loot boxes are greedy, predatory, and sickening. I really hope this comes back to bite WG.

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