The MB.157 and Farman F.222.2: War Thunder 1.73

Good day everyone, first off sorry for the lack of content yesterday as I had to fill in some paperwork for the Royal Navy. Thus today we will have a double post which will include the French heavy bomber the Farman F.222.2 and the monoplane fighter the Bloch MB.157.

Farman F.222.2:

The Farman 222.2 is the first French bomber to be revealed in the lead up to 1.73. This French heavy bomber is unique in it’s set up, being the only bomber in game to use a push-pull configuration with it’s four engines. In terms of bomb load it can carry up to 2200 kg of bombs and it has the ability to carry between 50 and 500kg bombs.

However it should be noted that it will be a large and slow target with a top speed of slightly over 300 km/h and only 3x 7.5mm machine guns in the nose, dorsal and ventral positions so it will require a lot of hits to down any potential attackers.

Thus it should make an interesting start to the bomber line given it’s large bomb load but don’t expect too much from this unique addition to the French bomber line.


The addition revealed today is the French Monoplane fighter the MB.157. Produced by Marcel-Bloch, this plane will be a neat addition to the fighter line with it’s speeds of 700 km/h and armed with 2x 20mm cannons. Though as with most French planes pilots must be cautious with it’s ammunition for each gun only carries 60 rounds. So with this in mind, it will be wise to use a hit and run play style with this plane. A pilot should get high, dive and retreat to get the most out of this plane, though one must practice their aim if they wish to get the most out of this plane.

Furthermore from the devblog one can infer that this will be the last plane in a line of Marcel-Bloch fighters. Thus we can expect variants armed with extra 2x 7.5mm machine guns or early versions armed with 4x 7.5mm machine guns only. So hopefully we can see the full set of the MB.150 family in the near future or at least the main parts of it like the MB.151, MB.152 and the MB.155.

Again sorry for the delay and I shall see you all again when the next one comes out

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The MB.157 and Farman F.222.2: War Thunder 1.73

7 thoughts on “The MB.157 and Farman F.222.2: War Thunder 1.73

      1. Anonymous says:

        I presume it’ll be PS4 only as well then.

        How are you getting on with the Submariner stuff? I’m an ex T&S Boat rating if you need any advice.

      2. Billywarren007 says:

        All depends on Microsoft at this point as they don’t like cross platform play so it is all down to them at this point, as for submariner passed my Admiralty Interview board, just waiting to see how selection goes now, so fingers crossed.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice one. When you start training on a boat take biscuits, it goes along way with whichever department your doing and whoever is helping you.

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