The Mighty Jingles Returns!

As those of you that get Fractured Space notifications e-mails will already know the commander “The Mighty Jingles” with space dog “Boo” is available from today till the 21st February. All you need to do is play one game in that time window to unlock and earn him.

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The Mighty Jingles Returns!

10 thoughts on “The Mighty Jingles Returns!

  1. Getoveryourself says:

    Gee I’m so happy to get the life changing/ information in my in box. And to think I was foolishly hoping to know more about the new light tanks and wondering about some new open premium thank…

    1. It hasn’t even been more than a couple hours since there was a post about the coming 9.17.1 patch on feburary 22 on the same day the post of rita’s fiance was made, keep in mind there are a lot of premium tanks being buffed in that patch and a lot of them will be practically new beasts. Your whinning for when this blog spends 24 hours not giving fresh news on world of tanks should be better reserved or it devalues your comments.

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