The Overlord Show


A few weeks ago just before the 6 of June I attended The Overlord Show with The Friends of The Tank Museum and had a blast!

In this video, you can see a “StuG”, 10 points for whoever guesses what’s wrong with it! Got some Armoured Car porn and also footage of the only operational Valentine Duplex Drive tank in the world!

I had the pleasure to drive the Valentine DD last summer and it’s on my top list of favourite armour I ever drove!

Hope you enjoy!

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The Overlord Show

2 thoughts on “The Overlord Show

  1. Allan says:

    I don’t think that is a real Stug. The tracks are modern and the suspension could almost be from an FV432 with an extra roller wheel added. The suspension is all wrong. The roadwheels are too big, the idler is wrong and the drive sprockets are wrong.

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