The Overnight WoT MicroPatch.

Just a short item. The patch was a not insubstantial 35.8 MB and it is a mod breaker.Two new folders were written into the res_mods and mods folders preventing the old mods from loading. Aslain has a “beta” mod-pack up that seems to work, at least in the garage (no time for a game, work calls). So a mod-pack update is needed. On the fix side the friends list is still temperamental and may need a client restart to work. Best of luck.

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The Overnight WoT MicroPatch.

11 thoughts on “The Overnight WoT MicroPatch.

  1. “On the fix side the friends list is still temperamental and may need a client restart to work. ”

    This is not chat-related. The issues started the night BEFORE 9.20.1 was even launched. That much is admitted by the WG EU staff; but they continue to refuse to comment on it, or even confirm that it’s supposed to work.

    1. Ion7 says:

      I haven had too many issue on NA, blacklist sometimes doesn’t go through until you leave to the garage, but other than that some of us are doing good. Others are having more issue from what I have heard.

  2. Never mind says:

    WG really screwed the pooch with this latest patch. It amazed they can mess something like that up so badly. Don’t they test anything before they give it out? (Shakes head, gets a beer, starts WoT)

  3. nrnstraswa says:

    Thanks for the update. When WG fails to provide patch notes, I can always count on Status Report to let us know what the patch entails.

  4. Brauer says:

    seems to have introduced new bugs – half our clan cant seem to join skirmishes or advances – half of them unmodded so not a problem with mods – just fresh new bugs from the bugworld engine 🙁

  5. dimo says:

    i confirm the mark of excellence bug on Matilda BP gun. still bugged. also, when we will receive the free order for personal mission?

  6. OrigamiChik3n says:

    All i had to do was copy everything from to in “mods” and it worked. On the other hand i only use session statistics so maybe it will not be enough for other mods to work.

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