The Potez P.631, the latest reveal for War Thunder 1.73

Hello everyone,

Today we have received the latest devblog which teases us to the contents of patch 1.73. In this devblog we have been shown the Potez P.631, a French twin engine multi-role plane which was introduced to the French air force in 1938.

From the initial information given it has a speed of 442 km/h at medium height and is set to start off with 6 x 7.5mm machine gun and 2x 20mm cannon for it’s offensive armament, which you can see in the coub below:

Potez in action

With this firepower in mind, it is going to be an effective bomber and attacker hunter with the sheer volume of fire it can dish out.

The final element shown is 2x bombs carried externally which will allow the plane to engage lightly armoured ground targets.

This plane is set to take it’s place early on in the tech tree and should be an interesting plane to fly given it’s armament and speed at lower tiers. It will make a welcome addition to the skies of War Thunder.

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