The Renegade Challenge:

How to Get the M54

Are you ready? From November 29 to December 9, the Renegade Challenge will be available in World of Tanks. There are ten stages with missions for mastery and commitment. Complete them and get credits, equipment, days of WoT Premium account, and much more. And most importantly, after you complete all 10 stages, you’ll receive the Premium Tier VIII heavy tank, the M54 Renegade, adorned in the unique ‘Dead or Alive’ style.

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The Renegade Challenge:

6 thoughts on “The Renegade Challenge:

  1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Some 251k exp in 10 days, 25.1k exp per day.
    It may take less time to just get a part time job and simply buy the bundle.
    Except no money for WG.

  2. says:

    *how to get the renegade*
    1)screech REEEEEE new tank
    2) get daddy’s wallet, open it and pull out the credit card
    3) screech EEEEE login to the premium shop and use it
    4) suck playing it unlike that soy boy QB and remember “it might not be suited to your playstyle”

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