The Rest of the New HD Models

An image each of the remaining HD Renders.Unfotunatley the T21 is unavailable.

Renault FT,                     AMX 38,                          Hotchkiss H35,               ARL V39.
AT 2,                                AT 7,                                A-32,                                 Object 907.
Type 64,                          59-16,                             WZ-111 model 1-4,         Pz.Kpfw. T15.
Pz.Kpfw. IV S,                 VK 30.02 (D),                  Indien-Panzer,                Panther II.
VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A,      E 50,                                E 50 Ausf. M,                  T14.
Type 4 Chi-To,

And last but not least the Tog II

Source World_OF_RU

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The Rest of the New HD Models

31 thoughts on “The Rest of the New HD Models

      1. Probably more of a rebalance, the skill cap on the 59-16 atm is really high and you can have some games where you do 3k dmg and some where you can only get tracking and spotting damage. The inconsistency is probably what hurts the tank the most.

    1. A Dude says:

      Well they just removed the sideskirts. With a bit of know-how and DIY you can just swap the hull, easy as can be. Which I’d be going to do if I’d ever play the Panther II, which I highly doubt. Though the new 88mm gun L/100 looks intriguing.

  1. xxtechmanxx says:

    E-50 looks like a Panther II that ate way too many Bratwürste and Sauerkraut 😛
    Somehow I dont like the look of it the E50-M looks much nicer to me and also the Turret Shape of the Indien Panzer seems to have changed drastically.

    1. xxtechmanxx says:

      Panther II was even planned with Schürtzen I think or wasnt it?

      Panther II without Schützen is a stupid decision it looks cooler and makes the Tank stronger against HE to the side.

      1. repofox says:

        Yeah. Panther 2 was supposed to have Schürzen as default.
        Heck, you can even see the damn things that holds the plates, so it was clearly WG’s decision to just simply not to add them…

    2. michalm9 says:

      That, plus the fact that Pz IV Schmalturm doesnt get actual bloody sidepanels. I hope that those grids will at least gain proper collision.

  2. potato says:

    Shouldn’t PzIV Schmalturm get “normal” Seitenschürzen when transfered to HD? If I remember correctly they are not inculded in the hitbox model by now.

  3. димо says:

    Panther II no side plates? i play it right now and its decent tank… does it gets buff?

    hope VK 45.02 (P) is buffed, i sold it some time ago cause its no fun to play at all

    Type 64 looks somewhat ugly in HD :/

    i have VK 30.02 (D) , TOG II and Hotchkiss,and they all satisfy me as player , Chi-To and AMX 38 were some of the better tanks i have been played , but they are not in my garage now

    1. It gets the top 8.8cm of the E50, so a much better gun, hopefully gun handling will be similar to the buffed E50 not the current one, cause that’s the difference between sweet and awfull.

  4. Eok says:

    Finally, 50/50M gets the old mantlet back, this conical BS being gone is the best thing ever. Can’t wait for the new batch of HD.

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