The T26E5 Patriot missing armor


Thank you to Gwennifer for spotting this.

Apparently, just like Gwennifer said , the T26E5 Patriot is missing the track links both visually and on the collision model, which adds 13mm of turret armor to the left side of it, where the loader sits.


To put it in simple words and this was discussed between Gwennifer and Avalon304, the normal version is better than the premium.  The track links weren’t added so that the eagle the artist created which people, ostensibly, are buying the T26E5 Patriot to show off wouldn’t be hidden/covered up.

The eagle:



She also says: “WGNA is selling these at the roughly equal cost [$3 is how much it costs to buy any camo at full price, after all] on the presumption that these are equal tanks. These are not equal tanks.

It would be nice if the Patriot’s earnings could be increased 5% or so to compensate, which is roughly the difference in price.”


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