The Tank Museum Bovington

The Matilda Diaries Part 14

The next episode and he is using Loctite 638 to retain the bushes, welp. Heaven help the person who has to get them out for the next refit. Fitters know that stuff as weld in a bottle. Myself I would have used Loctite 641 which is intended for bearings.

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The Tank Museum Bovington

3 thoughts on “The Tank Museum Bovington

    1. jerryatrick53 says:

      638 is thick and Green. It’s high strength oil tolerant retainer. We use it all the time on things we don’t expect to ever take apart. Removal needs extreme force and or heat in excess of 280C.

  1. Brian says:

    As he said it is the bushes working loose that caused the wear in the first place, so if they can’t work loose the wear should be negligible especially as it won’t be your typical daily driver. Also I imagine they don’t expect to have to restore the old girl again anytime soon, so why should they worry about being able to remove the bushes?

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