The Tank Museum Bovington.

Elefant Tank Arrives For New Exhibition.

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The Tank Museum Bovington.

11 thoughts on “The Tank Museum Bovington.

    1. thesherbet says:

      This elefant was only restored on the exterior by the americans. There’s a tv show all about its restoration, Tank Overhaul.You can watch the whole process on youtube.

  1. gerryka says:

    If you can trust the repair video of this Ferdinand that you can find somewhere on Youtube (tank overhaul), they never touched the inside of the engine compartment during the outside restoration. A real shame!

  2. asdd says:

    Just watch Tank Overhaul on youtube. After restauration it definetly can drive with it´s own power. So I guess Bovington just didn´t want to take any risks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw this as a kid at the Aberdeen proving grounds. It was quite literally the armored vehicle that got me into them. Its kind of sad to me that it was shipped to bovington, as I will likely never see it again.

  4. IronOre says:

    This is the vehicle that got me into armored vehicles in the first place. I saw it as a kid at the Aberdeen proving grounds and have been in love ever since. Though it is great to see it getting the attention it deserves as well as the restoration it deserves, it is a bit sad that I will likely never see it in person again now that it is in bovington.

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