The Tank Museum Bovington Videos.

Today two videos.

Tank Chat #29 Daimler Dingo Scout Car. With Rita’s favorite Granpa.

Top Five Tanks: The Mighty Jingles.



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The Tank Museum Bovington Videos.

6 thoughts on “The Tank Museum Bovington Videos.

  1. I remember watching the WoT replay where Jingles first saw the TOG – he thought it was a TDG. I wasn’t playing WoT at that time, just browsing through YouTube, but I’ve been a tread-head (playing wargames, building models) since before Jingles was born (on the same day – 10th March, but 1962 for me) and did know about it, and I think that replay was one of the things that convinced me to actually first play WoT…

  2. OMG Jingles the chain on the Panther that you claim was hand made is a common type of machine made found in any hardware shop. It is a “Double Loop Chain” and can be very strong without the need to be welded. The “German hand crafted” chain is certainly machine made as automation of chain making displaced hand making of this size in the later part of the 1800s. You are just parroting the director of the museum who made the same mistake in his video. The interlinking plates you point out on the Panther turret are flame cut, not machined as you suggest, and the joints finished by welding . This approach is a quick way of turning flat and formed plate into a tank but not optimal. Cast turrets. as on the T34 and very many post war tanks allow the turret in particular to have a frontal form that is highly sloped and more likely to bounce projectiles. While the simple straight lines of the Panther and subsequent types and designs seem to come from a design style doctrine it has more to do with the availability of flat plate from rolling mills under their control and in Sweden together with a growing sense of desperation.

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