The Unicum Guide to the E-100

Hello cheeky scrublords,

Sliphantom has uploaded a new Unicum Guide, this time about the E-100 (this is a guest video):


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The Unicum Guide to the E-100

7 thoughts on “The Unicum Guide to the E-100

  1. wfschepel says:

    First driver skill you should get on this thing: off road driving. Otherwise, drop enhanced GLD in favor of vents. You can bounce while you aim and the long reload is the single biggest handicap to work around. So that is what you need to improve.

    1. Synvy (Tea) says:

      Not worth it mate, off road driving on E-100
      E-100 has 0.959/1.151/2.014, traverse at 22/18.33/10.48
      Off-road is 0.959/1.119/1.792, traverse at 22/18.86/11.74

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