The White


The previous Status Report page has been temporarly taken by the “Google police”Β by fraudulent reports, I searched for SilentStalker’s advice and he told me this happened a couple times to FTR as well, to not worry as the page should be back in a day or so and take advantage to enjoy some free time.

But instead I took the chance to do something I wanted for many months now, migrate to a better host.


To an improved restart.

Thanks everyone for the continuous support.

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The White

96 thoughts on “The White

    1. Yes, its most likely the old RSR will be back as I havent broken any rules, but my first concern is to migrate all the historical articles and if you want I can report the Slava Q&As which I’ve kept saved on my main PC. πŸ™‚

      1. Just do it as you see fit Rita, migrating should be quite a work afterall.

        Anyway, IMHO this event should be a good momentum to introspect. Everyone do have haters, but by looking at recent latest post in FTR and rival blog that keep growing, you still have plenty of room for improvising, Rita. Moving from blogspot is one great step, more historical and technical posts would be another one.

        So well, good luck for you, WG and WoT community overall.

  1. ThE_MarD says:

    Heyyo, good choice I say to avoid the Google Gestapo… Their broken content reporting system is insane just like in YouTube. #WTFU

  2. Happy to see things worked out OK. I think it is essential that you do get the original blog restored, even if only for a few days. Just to show the gits on the WoT forums they were wrong…

  3. Lostmymarbles says:

    yay i missed your information and knowledge which i transpose to my clans website under my thread News from the doom weasel Miss Rita thanks for all the information you provide to your followers

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