The White


The previous Status Report page has been temporarly taken by the “Google police” by fraudulent reports, I searched for SilentStalker’s advice and he told me this happened a couple times to FTR as well, to not worry as the page should be back in a day or so and take advantage to enjoy some free time.

But instead I took the chance to do something I wanted for many months now, migrate to a better host.


To an improved restart.

Thanks everyone for the continuous support.

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The White

96 thoughts on “The White

  1. Mike says:

    Hey Rita – appreciate your work and happy you’re alive and kickin’ !
    Whatever host you stay on, could you pleeeease get a RSS on your blog? Makes it so much easier to keep up 🙂

  2. Wrinkly says:

    Welcome back! Will you be migrating some of the older articles to here? I always meant to read that article on different ammo types.

  3. Pablo_Rob says:

    Glad you’re not letting them beat you- I always check your site first I won’t be using any other WOT info sites until you’re back.

  4. Reno Stefan says:

    Whelp, kinda worried when RSR were down, thought you got tangled in a nasty mess or something.. Glad you’re okay, Rita.. Stay determined..

  5. Daniela says:

    Welcome back Rita and please, make two sections… one private and one for WoT-only reports.
    i dont want to read what you do in private, i want to see WoT News first, then by time, you’re personal things…
    i’m not a kid, but girl 🙂
    keep it going + fight versus google ahead…

  6. GhostUnitVII says:

    Screw the Po Po, who cares about “false reports” the thing is you get your resources from 3rd parties, and you state this in ALL your post, Google can go screw themselves.

    Welcome Back Rita.

  7. Darth_Clicker says:

    The old page is back up. I will inform all in the Galactic Empire of this development. Our Stormtroopers have been ordered to monitor future activities by Google by The Emperor himself. The Darkside will prevail.

  8. wolvenworks says:

    On a somewhat related sidenote, is it possible for the comments to be using the Google chat again? i find it more convenient when someone replies me thru my Google feed than the daily wordpress mail feed, but that’s just my situation ya

  9. Ardent says:

    Good to see you back, was a little worried that your blog dissapeared. BTW, 9.14 is about to be launched, but I have not seen much article or video on new premium, and specifically on the new AMX M4 mle.49. we just have HD pictures, but Quickybaby neither Jingles reviewed it yet. after release only?

  10. Pierre says:

    Good to see you back in action Rita. I was wandering if you had quit because of all the whining and moaning by some people lately. I think you are doing a great job and this new site look much cooler. Thumbs up and keep up the good work.

    1. Of course is important to listen to constructive feedback even when negative but most are just keyboard warriors who can move past that I must be hated because I have a vagina (I’m not a feminist, is just the sad reality), those are just background noise. I care solely about people like you. Thanks for the support. 🙂

  11. Patata Caliente says:

    Nice to see you’re back, Rita. Nevermind the haters, you’re brave to write a blog for one of the most toxic gaming communities out there.

    The new look needs some getting used to, but I think I like it better than the last one.

  12. exocet6951 says:

    I’ve been saying it from day 1 of status report that you should have migrated to WordPress. I even offered to help you with it <.<

  13. S the K says:

    Hopefully the WP comment section will be better than the Blogger/G+ comment section. I hated that I couldn’t follow up on posted comments. And the comment feed itself was a truncated jumble. Let’s see if WP does it better.

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