The Wolds Strangest Tank.

Object 279:

A video by Yuri Pasholok the Tank historian for Wargaming.

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The Wolds Strangest Tank.

39 thoughts on “The Wolds Strangest Tank.

    1. leggasiini says:

      Because faster IS-7 with much more improved 130mm gun and ofc, BOTH thick and from most part autobounce armor…that sure would be balanced for tier 10, right?

      Then again i could see WG being enough braindead to implement this. They still thought once that WT E100 with 6 x 560 clip was good idea, and that wasnt even Russian tank, so who knows…

      1. Let’s not forget that it also had a huge hitpoint pool and was super accurate and ”workable” even while moving around in towns on top of being able to one clip any tank in the game with it’s high penetration gun… hahaha…

      2. Mister Z says:

        Well no shit they would need to balance it…its a very unique looking tank and there is acutally a prototype I think it is really missing in the game.

      3. sfcstorm says:

        As long as the wind blowing would detrack this like in real life, it might be ok 🙂

        Seriously this was a garbage design, 1 HE round killedthe entire drivetrain as it had 0 protection and alrwady had tons of extra force on the suspension.

    2. Ragnarokbazil says:

      Easy fix… Bottom armor only having 1mm so shooting HE at the tracks would wreck this tank… The belly armor … So shooting the tracks with HE will deal full damage… While everything else bounces off it… But arty would 1 shot the tank lol

  1. Horrible tanker says:

    Huh, never knew this was real. I saw it in Metal Gear Solid 3 and though Konami just made a goofy tank. Interesting none the less though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I recall it being stated that this tank and others were considered for a special tier XI game mode, I’m not sure what the other tanks were if they were stated. Oneo f the other tanks could have been the US double barreled “Hunter” tank destroyer but that could just be in my head.

  3. I certainly hope this video isn’t a preview for a new tier 10. Trust me, i’m all for new tanks… but this would just be blatantly op. The only way they could potentially add this in would be to nerf its stats artificially immensely, or add a prototype of the prototype of the Obect 279. No thank-you!

    1. Brett Brakefield says:

      I hate to tell you, but the Object 279 never made it past the prototype stage. Having said that and watching the video…

      Yes, it’s likely an IS-7 with probably better gun handling, and has the crossing capacity of a light tank…but the maneuverability would be complete ass. The BT-SV had a similar issue; it shot off like a rocket, but turned like a fat man who had more his fair share of steak and cake…in other words, it turned super slow. That’ll likely be the deal with the IS-7, and very likely, the underside of the tank would be a weakpoint, along with the usual rear armour and likely cupola, however thin those weakspots might be.

      Having said that, this thing would definitely be suited for hulldown positions. I can see it as a Tier 10, a counterpart to the IS-7. And heck, so what if it’s strong on the front? We have the Object 260, and those things have very tough turret fronts. Nobody minded that, considering it’s a personal mission reward.

      With that being said, this is a Teir 10 BT-SV with a 130mm gun, and I would be more than okay with that.

    1. kingtrygon says:

      Most of the CW tanks are inferior versions of their tech tree counterparts.You only have to look up their stats to see that.

  4. thebugmonster says:

    This thing would go up in flames if shot in the tracks, as the track support were to be used for Fuel tanks…….boom balanced.
    The tank hull would be immune to APDS and Shaped charged(HEAT)
    the tank was armed with a 130, 24 rounds of ammo
    5-7 rounds per minute with a semi autoloading system.

  5. HkS150 says:

    that thing can piss all over everything as far as i know that think can survive a nuclear blast from the ground zero if that’s true that think is really the tank of the apocalypse i hope it doesn’t make it into the game even though i like it.

      1. HkS150 says:

        wait a second…….the’re planing to add a second french heavy line a second german heavy line a possible american second heavy line (i forgot the t57 :P…derp) and the is 6’s prototype could that means this tank might become the third tier 10 heavy tank in the soviet tech tree?????? what do you think?

    1. thebugmonster says:

      nothing can survive ground zero…….and this tank was designed to survive radiation and the hull was designed to take the shockwave, a ground zero hit with any nuke, save the small ones, would most likely cook the tank.

    1. PzBarkhorn says:

      There are fuel tanks between the tracks. Shot there and watch it burn. It’s maneuverability wasnt great (specially in muddy or swampy terrains), without support from other tanks it would be easily outmaneuvered by other tanks, even some heavy tanks could reach his sides and backs, where they would be able to find some weak spots. I am not amused.–SYhhaUS_–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/1520324404852847142.jpg

    2. Thanks PzBarkHorn! Weak maneuverability makes sense, curuious to know if the fuel tanks in the tracks might count as external fuel tanks and not cause damage to the hull itself but it would make sense to encourage players of the tank to try and find hull down spots. Overall pretty neat 🙂

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