The Wot Ping lottery {Confirmed}


recently came across a very nice article written by Ultrasonic2 who has authorised to publish in RSR.


Article Summary aka TLDR:

“When you connect to WOT you get assigned any one of many servers/backbone connections. ( In this topic I only talk about 7 but I believe there are much more )
For some users, the servers return Vastly different Pings.
These vastly different pings account for the sometimes you have a good ping and others don’t.
Since the server assignment is random “Fixing” your ping might be as simple as restarting your client and thus connecting to a different server.

This topic is not about people’s pings going up and down during the game that is a given. This is about if your ping in game varying from say 130- 150 or 160 -190

This is not just an NA west thing, East has the same oddity too. I would also suspect that other regions would experience the same thing.

At this point the cause is unknown. Since some users are affected and others aren’t I’m not sure who is to blame for this. I can not say this is a WOT problem or not but I would like someone to take me seriously.

It seems to be a networking issue since using a VPN tool like Mudfish can result in all the servers returning pretty much the same ping.”

The Wot Ping lottery

First off I live in Auckland New Zealand and Play Wot on the West servers Via the ISP Spark (now) with an ADSL2+ connection with Interleaving off.
I have always struggled with the odd pings I get when playing Wot, sometimes it will be 135 others 170 and on the odd occasion 200.
In the past, I have spent a lot of time investigating this. I’ve changed routers a few times and changed ISPs but yet my strange pings continued.
Through my testing, I was able to reduce my ping from the high ones to a lower one by sometimes.

  • Restarting my computer
  • Restarting my router
  • Restarting the game client.

However performing the above might result in the ping decreasing or increasing.

After speaking to others (NZers) I have found some of them too performed similar black magic attempts to fix their pings.
Since the above changes are all things we can perform it’s no wonder I believed the problem lay at my end.
At this point, I gave up.

However recently my son has started to play WoT with me and the strange ping situation became even more perplexing.
We live in the same house and thus are using the same internet we have found that while platooning together one of us might have a good ping (135) while the other could have a bad (180).
Some days we would both have good pings other days we’d both have bad pings and sometimes one of us would have a good one and the other bad, but never the same person.
Since the most common cause of bad pings is the same for us (isp router..) I got back on the case, as this disproved most theories as to why the ping variance might occur.
It was still true that if one of us had a bad ping it might be fixed by restarting something to get a better ping, but not the router anymore because we knew that it couldn’t be that because one of us had a good ping at times.

Since then I’ve stumbled across some of these apps that claim to reduce pings like WTFast and Mudfish. Like all other claimed miracle ping fixes I was very sceptical cos most of these fixes simply don’t work (and I can prove it).

The question became since my pings are randomly good or bad how would I know if any program was fixing my random pings. At this point, I’m not looking for a ping reduction just ping stability (138).

Well I wrote this:

From this, I can ping 10 addresses at the same time.

Also, if I click on the address it will perform a trace. A trace tells you which routers devices your traffic is passing through to get from your machine to the WoT servers. Bad pings may be a result of hardware problems with one of the routers (overloaded) or your traffic may simply be get routed via different devices depending on a number of factors.

In my quest identify some of these factors I have been for years now performing a tracert to 162.213.85 every hour and keeping a record of this. It has helped to identify the exact time-ish when the ping increased or if the routing changed.

However, the ping of 162.213.85 (one of the WoT West servers) is not necessary related to my in-game ping.

Now getting back to my app, the question is what addresses should I ping. Searching the web showed a variation on what the West servers IP was , so in integrated Wireshark into my app. I can simply run my app while connecting to WOT and it will tell me where my data is going too.

To my surprise I discovered that the server you communicate with changes most of the time if you log out and back in again.

More interesting than that is the fact that the differing servers have significantly different pings and these servers pings were the ones I got in the game.

Now it’s also very interesting that the servers with bad pings are not always the same servers today on that short list it’s, however I’m actually connected to

If I disconnect WOT and try again, this time, I got

And for the last try, I got 162.213.57 which is currently one of the bad ones !

Here is a trace to the best and worst servers at the moment.


In short the ping you get depends on which one of the MANY WG servers you connect to and it’s true that restarting the game client may make the problem better or worse.

FYI 162.216.XX.XX are East servers and as you can see they also have a ping variance.
FYI Disconnected is not referring to a connection to WOT but to my other APP


Has issue


NZ based ISP Spark over adsl2+ x2 people

NZ based ISP BigPipe over VDSL (BigPipes parent ISP is SparK)

JAPAN User has an issue



NZ based ISP Spark over fibre, In theory, this machine is located at Spark !!!


Does not have issue


NZ based ISP maxnet over fibre x2 people

NZ based ISP Orcon over fibre (my work)

US East based customer of mine does not show any noticeable ping variation between servers to the west servers.

NL based customer of mine does not show any noticeable ping variation between servers to the west servers.


For a simple test ping these ,and let me know what you get and what connection type you have(VDSL) business/Private and what ISP you’re on.



Thanks to Ultrasonic2.

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