Three Polish Mediums Entering Supertest

The last (but not the top) three tanks from the new Polish Medium branch are rolling out onto the Supertest, namely the DS PZInż (Tier V), the B.U.G.I. (a Tier VI with a name suiting any Tier X that’s groovy enough), and the CS-44 (Tier VII).

These vehicles are jacks-of-all-trades possessing good mobility (the top speed is 55 km/h for the B.U.G.I. and 57 km/h for the CS-44) and a protection level that is average for mediums. The Poles can be compared to Soviet medium tanks of the same tiers (the T-34, the T-34-85, and the T-43, respectively). They have the same design layout with the forward placement of the turret and have comparable agility and survivability.

The peculiar feature of the medium Poles is having alternate guns at some tiers. For the B.U.G.I. and the CS-44 you can choose between a 90-mm gun with parameters allowing for more convenient gunplay, and a 100-mm one that packs more punch. (In the B.U.G.I.’s case, the 100-mm gun is short-barreled and spits out extra-powerful HE and AP shells.)

Gameplay-wise, the new Polish vehicles are much like their Soviet counterparts. Yet they can boast a perk which is also pronounced in Polish heavies: high one-time damage (this is especially true for the high-caliber guns). Their good mobility is another remarkable characteristic; the newcomers can excel at both attack and defense.




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Three Polish Mediums Entering Supertest

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