Thunder Show: True Ninja

New episode of Thunder Show if u haven’t seen it.

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Thunder Show: True Ninja

4 thoughts on “Thunder Show: True Ninja

  1. In my own personal opinion, posting about War Thunder is quite pointless. Look at the last 2 posts. 0 comments. It might be because comments are being moderated still -which I highly doubt-, or just the vast majority -including me- are not interested in WT at all, especially on a blog that was started as a replacement for “For The Record”. People tend to come here to read and discuss WoT news mainly, WT seems incompatible to me as an old reader. Mainly the 2 games and their players are very different, and I wouldn’t think, that you could hit such a playerbase here with a post about WT.

    Even Rita used to post about Armored Warfare, and it quickly died out, not only because it was out of context, but because it’s devs also screwed it up. Also AW is at least similar to WoT, in terms of controls and gameplay, which is not the case with WT.

    1. Blockhaj says:

      With the last 2 u mean this and the patch post? I personally wouldnt comment on either of these since i would read the patch notes and if i found something i didnt like with the patch notes i would go on the forum and talk about it, same for this video, i would watch the video and comment on the video. I wasnt expecting any comments on these posts but i wanted to post them non the less since we post about similar stuff for WOT. On the first 2 posts though we have gotten quite a few responses and positive at that.

    2. Rita Sobral says:

      It is because people don’t really expect too see WT stuff so therefore there’s not much of an audience for it. After these last shenanigans with WG and latest changes that I haven’t been very happy with them, it has made them nearly no different to Gaijin so I decided to might as well open the doors for WT. Its okay to diversify.

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