Thunderbolt VII Detailed Stats

A bit more detailed stats for the upcoming premium (with the actual Turret armor values this time, sorry about that mix up, lads). This tank will be part of the upcoming ‘Tank Aces’ series of vehicles discussed at WGFest last year. Originally Otto Carius’ Tiger was to be the first, but seems plans have changed (better to start off with something a bit more unique I think).m2lncjm6msg_1

Tier VI
HP: 750
Power: 500 hp
Weight: 37,00 t
Power to weight ratio: 13.51
Speed: + 42 / -18 kph
Hull Ttaverse: 44 ° / s
Turret Ttaverse: 39.6 ° / s
Terrain Resistance: 0.863 / 0.959 / 1.438
Hull Armor: 123/38/38 mm
Turret Armor: 177/63/63 mm
View Range: 370 m
Signal Range: 595 m

Gun: 76mm M1A2
DMG: 110/110/185
Penetration: 128/177/38 mm
DPM: 1998.8
Rate of fire: 17.38
Reload: 3.45 s
Accuracy: 0.364
Aim Time:: 2.01 sec
Depression/Elevation: -10 ° / + 25 °

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Thunderbolt VII Detailed Stats

40 thoughts on “Thunderbolt VII Detailed Stats

      1. As an idea, they could compensate with something other extra.

        An idea off the top of my head, the T-34-85 Rudy has that extra dog as an unmovable crew member. Give it a bonus skill which somehow affects the rest of the crew, or something like that. That also makes it a great crew trainer, and might still give the copy-paste tank something unique.

      1. orgerix says:

        The armor layout will probably like the M4A3E2. The 127 mm will only be in the lower part of the upper plate. But still, huge armor given its mobility (on par with Chi To for comparison) and its aim time. And remember, t6 american medium can mount Vstab. We don’t have bloom values, but definively on the OP side

      2. Careful there about making assumptions about armor without any leaked models. For all we know the upper hull could be 127 and the lower hull simply absurd. Normally the armor values are given for the upper hull and not the lower plate.

    1. A Dude says:

      Wrong. The Jumbo has only similar mobility (better power-to-weight ratio yet worse terrain resistance), the real strong point that render the Jumbo useless in compatison is the much improved turret armor and the 20 extra mm of frontal hull armor.

      1. Wesley Byrd says:

        If you use the stock turret on the Jumbo, you sacrifice some DPM for 152mm of armor all around. As for the rest of the armor, look at the extra thickness on the UFP and the huge slab across the side.

  1. I don’t really see how this tank is worse than the M4A3E2, aren’t these stats a bit too much? she has better armor, better view range, same mobillity (better ground resistances but worse power to weight). Better accuracy, aim time, and dpm than the armored turret of the E2. Better top speed. Significantly better turret and hull traverse than the E2. How in the world is this tank supposed to be balanced for tier 6?

      1. Wesley Byrd says:

        These are the first leaded stats of a new tank. It might be OP now, but give it time on the Super Test.

      2. That’s what I did for the Object 252U and look at the monster that created. I even went out of my way to defend the tank early on and wargaming pretty much stabbed my words in the back by not giving it absurd armor and buffing the dpm of its highest alpha gun so it was on par with the IS-3. There’s an enormous list of tanks the 252U made obsolete in its introduction from the super test.

    1. The tier 7 tiger was designed several years prior to the American introduction of the M4A3E8 and M4A3E2. To be historically accurate, american tier 6 mediums were designed during the same time TIger II tanks were rolling out onto the battlefield although the two never clashed.

  2. This thing will suffer all day long. I am the only one who see terrible mobility and armor not even good to bounce tier 6 guns? And dont forget this trash will meet tier 8. Facepalm to everybody who wants to buy it.

  3. Looks overpowered and popular, guess all that’s left is to take a peak at the armor model and dispersion values on the move and while turning the turret. I’d like to dream that this tank will go into the in-game store so all players can have access to it and even more so that care for the M4A3E2 will be taken so that it is not made obsolete by the thunderbolt.

  4. madogthefirst says:

    Accuracy is improved compared to Easy 8 but RoF is down, also has less gun depression. Armor stats are looking better than even the Jumbo.

  5. Blankman says:

    Will buy this, as i love the Sherman series.. I’ll form a plat with a Fury and a Bromwell and we’ll be known as the Furious Thunder Bro..!

  6. Wesley Byrd says:

    Will need to see the armor profile, but the turret looks weaker than the good (stock) turret on the Jumbo. Sure, the Thunderbolt’s is said to be 177mm, but there should be an armor hole behind the mantlet, as seen on the Fury and Jumbo (but not yet modeled on the Ez8). It’s hard to tell from the picture, but if that is the standard Ez8 mantlet, it is only 80mm thick or something. Meanwhile, the Jumbo is said to have 152mm all around with it’s stock turret, but the mantlet is actually 177mm thick.

    Also, while the front might look better than the Jumbo, the side is as weak as the Ez8 (with come extra welded armor on the side).

    Anyway, this is an early look at a new tank. We will need to wait and see how the super test turns out. Common WG practice is to make the tank too powerful and tune it down, if I recall.

  7. Kaystonian says:

    Basically it’s a SP for t6, and tbh it’s much sexier than the fury. Also congrats on yours an quickybabys engagement!

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