Thunderbolt VII Garage Screenshots.

Just some Graphical Tank Porn for WG to crowbar some more money out of your  Wallets.

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Thunderbolt VII Garage Screenshots.

13 thoughts on “Thunderbolt VII Garage Screenshots.

  1. bbmoose says:

    If it’s on a regular tier 6 price, around €13,-, I will pick one up. Don’t need the other stuff that usually comes with the bundle.

  2. Blankman says:

    Nah, WG don’t need crowbar to pull some dough for this beauty.. As long as they don’t put it in overpriced, useless bundles..

  3. Shadow says:

    Pretty vehicle, and good armor for sure…
    Can’t wait to blast these up to upper ionosphere with my 105mm-mounted ARL44 ^^ no hard feelings.

  4. "Light" tank-player says:

    The only problem with your plan, Shadow, is that the 105mm gun on the ARL only has a +-40% chance of penetrating the thunderbolt on the front….
    (not counting the few weakspots, although whether the 105 is accurate enough to hit those is questionable at best).

  5. Vedrano says:

    Cute but pretty useless on the field, compared to others. And don’t fool your self kids, WG will not make it cheap, that’s one thing for sure. It will be auto-overpriced of fuc*ed with gold, thats one thing for sure 🙂

    1. Lukas says:

      How is an up armored Easy Eight useless on the battle field? Granted tiers will have no problem with it, you can reach 200mm+ of frontal armor on a tier 6 which is nothing to shrug off.

  6. Anonymous says:

    At least its not another premium TD …

    this covers tier 6 quite nicely.
    Wanna play an Easy8 but dont wanna grind? get Fury tank.
    Wanna play a Jumbo but dont wanna grind? Thunderbolt for you

    nice crew trainers for getting that 5 skill crew in your american medium tanks

  7. Americankraut says:

    Quit putting random helmets and bags on tanks. It’s not hard to look up basic equipment of WWII before you model a tank. Replace the helmets with M1’s and the bags with 1936, 38, or 41 packs… Also fix the crap on the hellcat.

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