Tier 10 Light Tank Screenshots


these are the official renders of the upcoming tier 10s:

Note: Some of their full stats are already translated and coming out asap.


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Tier 10 Light Tank Screenshots

37 thoughts on “Tier 10 Light Tank Screenshots

      1. That would be rather interesting but then you break team battles, tournaments, and strongholds. A tier 6 light tank generally struggles on killing a tier 6 medium in the first place but excels at killing a tier 6 heavy for example so it’s not as simple as moving them all up a tier.

    1. Tuwtles__O_OII says:

      As I understand it, the current tier 8s will be moved up to tier 9 and will be receiving buffs to HP, view range, etc.

    1. But yeah, besides the anonymous sick burn, Mark, current tier 8 light tanks don’t have +3 MM unless you count tier 11 games. Other tanks that don’t follow that rule are almost every tier I-III light tank, many tier IV light tanks like the Covenanter and A-20, and tier V light tanks like the Crusader. Light tank simply means you keep your stationary camo rating on the move. That said, many of these light tanks are massive or have a relatively big ass gun so we can expect these lights to have worse camo than their tier 8 counter parts and even worse camo when they fire.

      1. Anonymous says:

        They can adjust stats, but I would be happy if all tanks were more directly matched tier to tier. No sense having 8 tanks stretched across 13 (forgot the number) of battle tiers…that jus tmakes it harder to balance a broader range.

        Unless no one remembers when only HTs went to tier X…sigh.

      2. It’s alright, haha, I certainly would appreciate having every tank in the same battle tier as well. The problem is that a good player can really abuse camouflage and mobility to the point that they are as effective as a tank above their tier when in a group. That said, it is an entirely different competition when you don’t have allies for support. Some stat adjustments would be very much appreciated but I really can’t think of anything at the moment 🙁 definitely should be one of wargaming’s goals in improving the game.

        And I had to look this up but there are only 11 battle tiers with tier 1-10 have their respective tanks as top tier and tier 11 reserved for only tier 8 light tanks and every tier 9 and 10 tank.


        I took this in mind when pointing out tier 8 light tanks don’t see +3 MM since the worst they will see is a game with only tier 9 and 10 tanks at tier 11 which isn’t all that different from a tier 10 game.

        Not sure if you are sighing about how you miss when there were only tier X HTs or sighing because of the grim terror that was the tier X HTs. Tier X HTs are still extremely competitive, the other tier X classes really just added variety to the top dog class so a straight forward brawl wasn’t the only option in the game (arguably that diverges from the original design of world of tanks that was its eternal focus on brawling metal).

        You have good ideas, sorry if I was overly harsh about them, just how I was taught to argue in school 🙂

    2. A Dude says:

      A light tank is called light tank because it is a light tank. Weight. It has nothing to do with the armament or armor or whatever.

      The approach Wargaming is taking seems to be the most sensible, they are all more mobile than their medium counterparts, have slightly weaker armament both hard and soft-stat wise and zero armor (except for the russian one, that one has even more armor than them but is slower, still weighs only 15 tons, and somewhat for the chinese due to its magificient turret armor).

    1. Shorten its reload by 5 seconds so it fires as fast as a Grille 15? It already looks like the front plate will have spaced armor for anti-heat and the larger chasis means it will hold more than the paltry ammo of the T49. Besides a small gun handling improvement and view range increase, can’t think of anything better than a rof buff. The gun really is sufficient for dealing with tier 9’s and 10’s already in the punch department and isn’t so overpowered that it butters through heavy tanks.

      1. Ragnarokbazil says:

        My guess the Sheridan will have a 10.50 reload speed with a 100mm he pen standard with a 130mm prem pen and the heat standard pen of 250-290 that is my big guess

    2. CavScout says:

      Hopefully make it look more like the real Sheridan. Other then that it actually relied on an ATGM for most of its anti tank work.

  1. Jim4White says:

    I’m interested in +2 MM for light tanks, but for me here is big concern about WG statement: This tanks will have better penetration than meds. So why play meds?

    1. Schywz says:

      I have yet to see a tier 10 light tank with better pen than the Leopard 1, at least out of those been revealed as of 12:25 EST.

    2. More hit points, armor to side scrape or go hull down, better gun handling, shorter reloads so you can load gold when need be, etc the general trade off for more penetration. A light tank’s role is generally to spot the enemy and assassinate isolated tanks, very specialized. That said, the medium should have the flexibility to bounce between being a light tank and heavy tank while also quickly securing critical positions on a map at the start of a game because the sheer amount of hit points should win the battle alone if not using the armor to slow the light tank’s rof by forcing them to aim each shot.

      1. Dont forget there’s a Pilsen version is ST that is 1000×1000, they are definetly thinking of that aproach. Also, latest news that T28 and T95 will get their speed buffed. wink wink nudge nudge?

      2. yet but you still have very slow tanks: Maus, E100, Type 4/5, T28, T28 Proto, T95 and Tog

        Extending the map is all well and good but special spawning for these slower tanks would have to be considered then

  2. Shabbyjazz says:

    I can’t really see how this can work. Light tanks are already very competitive, although lagging behind in their intended job, namely scouting. Tier 7 and 8 lights are very powerful by themselves, they need the higher tier tanks to balance them out. Tier 10 lights are basically better mediums, and perform by themselves alot better considering the already 0 camo penalty when moving.

    1. Most of these light tanks are larger than their 7 and 8 counter parts so their standard camo on the move will be lower if not limiting them of what tiny nooks and crannies they can hide in. Also, the larger guns will mean they will be detectable at far longer ranges. That said, many mediums can easily deal with their equivalent light tanks simply because they have the hit points/armor to soak up a clip/dpm while the mobility to somewhat pursue their prey. It’s not easy but if you don’t try and out light tank a light tank in a medium, you’ll win. It’s also pretty tough to call for multiple tank classes which is why most players bring too much variety. Another problem is that generally these mediums struggle against equivalent heavies that light tanks are generally used in conjuncture. Think of world of tanks as a 5 ways rock paper scissors and those who can use all five classes most effectively will win.

  3. Liam Gavaghan says:

    Jesus. Those things are hidious as fuck. Other than that, cool. Hope missles come soon, that would add a rather interesting part to gameplay

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