Tier VIII and IX Chinese TDs: Garage Footage

Hello sexy people,

here’s some video footage of the VIII and IX Chinese TDS:


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Tier VIII and IX Chinese TDs: Garage Footage

10 thoughts on “Tier VIII and IX Chinese TDs: Garage Footage

  1. Charcharo says:

    I hope the entire line comes as detailed by For The Record here:

    Tier 2,3 – Stuart and (Brencarrier?) chassis with 57mm ZIS-3 (SerB posted a picture of such a thing long time ago – so this one is legit, can’t find it for some reason)

    Tier 4 – Buffalo amphib with a 57/76mm gun?

    Tier 5- Type 63 APC with a 85mm gun, converted into a tank destroyer. This vehicle is also amphibious.

    Tier 6 – BTR-50 with a 85mm/100mm gun, also amphibious

    Tier 7 – SU-100-1 with a 100mm gun, built on WZ-120 chassis

    Tier 8 – SU-122-1, apparently with a 122mm gun, built on “113″ chassis? (Looks like WZ-111 to me)

    Tier 9 – 130-59, someting like SU-122-54, but on Type 59 chassis with a 130mm gun

    Tier 10 – WZ type chassis (possibly WZ5A type chassis?) . 2x Tier 10s are possible here BTW.

    I want a Chinese TD. It will have some real and some paper tanks and maybe some VEERRRY what if tanks. But make it as GOOD as POSSIBLE Wargaming, please. Once you make a line, it is harder to fix it later on.

    A tier 8 Premium TD as well? Sure, why not. But use the MORE paper tank for that. Or even a total what if a-la E50 M.

    1. leggasiini says:

      It will. Unless you noticed tier 2-5 has already hit the supertest. Unfortunately they are not those vehicles you listed for most part, expect the stuart TD is indeed the tier 3.

      1. Charcharo says:

        If it is still a logical TD for its tier that was real/planned/prototyped/paper/logical in design at least.
        I am happy. I want the best possible line 😛

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