Tiger 131 In-Game Screenshots


these are the in-game screenshots of the Tiger 131, a tier VI premium Tiger with a special camo scheme:

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Tiger 131 In-Game Screenshots

19 thoughts on “Tiger 131 In-Game Screenshots

    1. Partybooper says:

      By the way, is it just me or is the map really detailed? The ground textures on the first two screenshots are especially nice.

  1. I tried transforming my HT No. VI into a Tiger 131 a couple months ago when I won it as a tankrewards. Replaced the japanese flags with the 31 month emblem, slapped on some 7 day camo to hide the green and took off my glasses off for that final poor ass touch. Even went as far as trying to find a way to mod german voices over the japanese crew. Damn, I want this sexy crew trainer.

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