Tiger 131 Supertest Stats

Well, after console had their Tiger 131, it looks like PC will be getting one as well. Even better, this one is actually modeled correctly! Here are the preliminary stats:

Tiger 131 4


Tier: 6

HP: 950

Engine Power: 650hp

Weight: 57.02 t

Power to Weight Ratio: 11.4

Speed: + 40 / -12 kph

Hull Traverse: 26 deg/sec

Turret Traverse: 20 deg/sec

Terrain Resistances: 1.2 / 1.4 / 2.9

Hull Armor: 100/80/80 mm

Turret Armor: 100/80/80 mm

View Range: 370 m

Signal Range: 710 m

Crew: 5


Gun: 8.8 cm Kw.K. 36 L / 56

DMG: 220/220/270

Penetration: 145/194/44 mm

DPM: 1885.4

Rate of Fire: 8.57

Reload: 7.0 s

Accuracy: 0.38

Aim Time: 2.3 sec

Depression/Elevation: -8/+15

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Tiger 131 Supertest Stats

48 thoughts on “Tiger 131 Supertest Stats

  1. heldermartins1 says:

    Almost the same stats as the jap Tiger…One of the best WWII guns and 0.38 accuracy… Because reasons..

    1. yep says:

      Because history. Tigers where not the awesome shit old schools historians used to said. They could snipe, yes, but a tank destroyer would do the job for a fraction of its resources. They had armor, but deficient materials, they where defeated by lots of allied vehicles types at combat range. And the sherman to tiger ratio was, of course, a myth too

      1. GeorgeM says:

        This. Add to that the Allies vast advantage in optics that allowed Allied gunners to acquire targets faster due to having a panoramic scope as well as a telescope. German gunners had to be guided by “do you see it yet’ by the commanders.

      2. Advantage, yes, if it was vast, that comes down to perspective. The advantage was very much down to a fraction of a second and much more dependent on which vehicle was stationary, positioning, etc. Infantry and light vehicles would have been doing the reconnaissance in the first place. Do not forget that Tigers were not lone hunters. They operated as vehicles whose role was to support infantry and in that remark, they succeeded at an expensive cost.

      3. Actually yes German Tanks were better, Including the Tiger 1. They had better trained crews, better optics, and better armor, better gun, take your pick there is a reason it got its well deserved reputation. You pro Russian anti-German gun guys, fail to remember simple things like the Russian still claim that they did these miraculous things in Russian Armor and in reality it was a hyped up media snowball up your ass campaign of their vehicles, guns, and crew skill prowess. Pretty much how M2-M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles were taking out T-72 Russian MBT’s with 25MM. But lets keep bashing the Germans, lol you stupid sheeple, one thing the Germans did right during the war was Records Keeping, it also turned out that that would come to bite them in the ass.

      4. LosMuerto says:

        Tiger I was the scariest thing in the early war. Everything you spew is bullcrap. The only reason the Tiger I left production was cost. They were excellent tanks, however they were over engineered and couldn’t be built on assembly lines. You better start reading up, about things like the Battle of Anzio, people shat themselves when they seen tigers. Their only engineering flaw was weight causing track failiures, however this was remedied quickly by removing grousers and tensioning the tracks in soft terrain. The M4 Sherman used by the allies in the early war could not penetrate the tigers frontal armour at any range.

    2. .38 believe or not is the most accurate of any heavy tank at tier 6 with 220+ alpha. It is also important to remember historically that tanks almost never hit their target with the first shot. 4-5 rounds would be expended at extreme range to knock out even a stationary target. I think most of the people here have already made it clear. The legend of the Tiger was greatly exaggerated.

  2. And this ‘amazing bargain’ T6 Premium Heavy Tiger 131 still faces off with T8 tanks ~

    I can just see the IS3 and the Defender and etc shivering with fear
    lets face it a IS6 0r 112 alone with there ‘weak’ 175mm pen guns will laugh out loud seeing this pile of
    T6 utter crap

    If it had same preferential as the Panther M10 does as an example +1 MM only then – maybe

    1. SpottableSky says:

      Remember that with new MM the worst MM you’ll get it facing 3 t8 tanks. While nearly the rest of the enemy team is t7 and same tier. Playing carefully will lead to good results (while unicums like Circon and Foch will make this tank look really good lol)

    2. Spottablesky has a good point, plus, the tank has 194 penetration in a pinch, much better than the old 171 of the 88’s. But otherwise, if you ever find yourself fighting a tank two tiers higher than you alone, use your mini-map and team list to plan where you should go. The defender’s commander hatches can be penned if you throw enough at it, the IS-3’s roof can be overmatched if you want to risk it and not just dab the 2 key to pen its upper plate, and the IS-6 has weak commander hatches and the front plate around the driver’s hatch. 112’s commander hatches can also be penned. Tiger tanks also carry 92 rounds. HE spam does work if you aim and perma tracking is better than getting rolled. Learn to play support and learn your weak points. It’s not supposed to be easy.

      A Defender sucks ass when fighting a Maus the same way a tier 6 tiger would struggle against a Defender.

    1. 194 pen sucks at tier 7 and 8? I mean, I too believe the Tiger should have 300 mm of pen and 390 alpha. I find it hilarious that you’re not even concerned with comparing it to existing tier 6’s which it will be fighting 90% of the time but hey, maybe you’re another one of those people that think tier 6 is the worst tier in the game. *cough cough* tier 7 have to fight the Maus *cough cough*

      1. Nighty says:

        194 pen is gold, and i don´t want to shoot gold all the time with a tier 6 premium that already does not create that way much credits. This gun has the lowest penetration of all tier 6 heavy guns available….

      2. Okay, so in that case, I suppose the 88 is not right for you. I can tell you about every aspect why the 88 is good but nothing i say will fix a negative mindset without something tangible. If you’re ever interested in a practical demonstration, I can platoon/duel you in my HT No. VI. Sorry for the rant below. You don’t need to read it.

        145 pen is the same as a cromwell. There isn’t a spot on a tier 6 or 7 heavy you cannot penetrate from the front with 145 that you can pen with 160. Jg Pz IV drivers know this by heart or anyone who drove an 88 when it had 132 pen. That 194 gold pen is to get you out of the stupid situation that you actually need to fight a defender for some god forsaken reason. Also, if you check the price tag, the premium rounds are about 1k cheaper than its competition. The skill in using an 88 is knowing your enemy and not being a troglodite. If you must fight an O-I, you will kill it at 3/4 the cost of any other tier 6. That is assuming you cannot harness the above average gun handling and aim time to just snipe the O-I’s wheels in the first place.

        I’m sorry for the rant, love to bits my tanks with an 88. I even run the Vk 36.01 H in 1v1 tournies with good reliability to get 1st or 2nd. A feat I do not believe I could repeat in a KV-85.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is tier VII on Console with PMM and it punches holes in the Red’s with an exceptionally fast rate of fire on that tier VIII 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56 Ausf. A.
    Console is basically a Tiger I with that gun at tier VIII (not tier VII) with slightly better stats. Except for the pen, the alpha damage is the same. Either way, you’re going to have fun in that beast. I obtained a Radley-Walters’ Medal. Next on my list is a Pool’s Medal.
    Not sure how it compares to the Japanese Heavy Tank No. VI because we are still waiting for that one, but it looks to be closer to that than consoles version of the 131.

    These are the Base Stats of our version in my garage:
    HP: 1500
    Engine Power: 870hp
    Power to Weight Ratio: 15.30hpt
    Speed: + 40 /- 12 kph
    Fire Chance: 20%
    Hull Traverse: 28 deg/s
    Terrain Resistance: 1, 1.3, 2.8
    Turret Traverse: 20 deg/s
    View Range: 380m
    Signal Range: 620m

    Gun: 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56 Ausf. A
    Penetration: 169/227/53 mm
    Damage: 220/220/270
    AP Shell Velocity: 773m/s
    APCR Shell Velocity: 966m/s
    HE Shell Velocity: 773m/s
    HE Splash Radius: 1.40m
    Rate of Fire: 10.91
    Reload: 5.50s
    Accuracy: 0.36m
    Aim Time: 2.30s
    Depression/Elevation: -8°/+15°

    1. madogthefirst says:

      These stats shown here for 131 are the exact same as on the jap TIger except for the radio which has more signal range on 131.

    1. Some people want to drive a tiger at tier 6 but don’t want to buy a japanese tiger because it looks ugly. Others just really like the Tiger 131 and it is a german heavy crew trainer if you hate low dpm tanks like the Lowe and VK 45.03. I’m sure there could be other reasons. Personally, I’ve found the japanese tiger to be viable in tier 6 skirms and just a pleasure to wallop M4’s/T-34’s in.

    1. 40 km/hr is not slow, gotta train reduced ground resistance and bia to shift. Has roughly 160mm of effective armor in the mantlet and 80mm side armor, it can bounce stuff if you wiggle but it’s that Tog like 950 hit points which are best at tier 6 that keep it really rolling.

      It has paper armor yes, for a tier 7 or 8. I would not buy this tank if you’re a medium or light tank player. This is more for those that like brute force and dpm to solve their problems.

      1. Nighty says:

        Even with the driver trained the acceleration is too sluggish for to flank something. And the penetration is and stays fubar, 145 is the worst of all tier 6 heavy guns available and if you want 194 you have to shoot a lot of gold with a tank that does not even create a lot of credits.

      2. I am assuming you flank tanks in your KV-85 and M6 all the time. (Which you really can’t do any better than a HT No. VI). What I am trying to point out is that the tank’s above average top speed gives you a burst of speed if you position yourself on small ridges. Heavy tanks are not dog fighters but in a pinch, you’ll want to be in a german heavy if you need to get off a ram rather than any of those cromwell tactics. In general, exposing yoursides in a brawl is a sure way of getting your modules destroyed in any heavy. But if you mean by flanking to skirt around the edge of the map like an encumbered medium, I would be happy to race one of your tier 6 heavies so you can have a gauge of the mobility.

        Don’t repeat yourself from reply to reply. Otherwise it makes the conversation stale. I already gave you my response on the 88 but you would never know because you’re too busy ignoring a response.

    1. It is a free2play game, hence, they have to make money by selling to those interested in driving things that feel cool and fun. I would understand your concerns if you thought this was power creep but it’s practically an exact copy of HT No. VI but catering to those who want to hear german crew voices and look the look as they chew up M4’s and T-34’s. Believe it or not, most people don’t like the HT No. VI because it is a mean, green, Japanese.

  4. KA119 says:

    I remember when all people screamed for years was that they wanted a downtiered tiger with historical armament… where did they go?

  5. madogthefirst says:

    OMG Tiger 131…. on one hand I’m happy to see it on the other do we really need another tier 6 Tiger? I mean I want it but I already have HT #6 how are you going to make this one different?

    1. Big fan of the HT No. VI here as well, I don’t really think there should be a problem having the exact same copy of a tank sold if it serves as something for historical reenactment or just fan service. Also, is probably the only German premium heavy that has actual dpm when you want to train your crew.

      Supertest, probably a lot going to be changed, nothing said on soft stats either. I remember when the Defender was first revealed on supertest and what a monumental fuck up that was when they changed the tank’s stats.

      Would like to have the option of trading my HT No. VI for a 131 or at least a discount/option to buy with gold.

      At first, I thought this was just another T34/IS-6 Black problem but those tanks were just just the same nation crew trainer. Also looked ugly and didn’t serve any benefit to the community. Seeing the 131 drive up beside you would make you more interested in going to a tank museum or getting into tank history.

      1. madogthefirst says:

        There is nothing wrong with it having the stats of HT #6, they are pretty nice stats. If they actually made it different and not just a better or worse version then there would be a legit reason for it to exist.

  6. God they’re getting fuckin lazy with the premiums lately…wish they would stop with the reskins already. The only way I would like this is if all the proceeds from selling this tank go to Bovington tank museum.

    1. This would be a reskin if it were a japanese tank. But stats are subject to be changed and no soft stats have been revealed.

      Frankly, this tank has almost 50% more dpm than other german premium heavies. Not a bad buy for a unique crew trainer or historical wow wow.

      Donations would be nice. I think you’re being unnecessarily harsh when this tank isn’t power creep or game breaking. Seeing a Tiger 131 fight beside you will most probably not break your experience of the game like a star spangled tank or something spray painted black.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have a feeling that on XBOX it only sees tier 7. But ofcourse here it must see tier 8 , but STILL would play this rather than the regular Tiger

    1. The Xbox Tiger 131 is a completely different machine. Its a Tier 7 with PMM, and is a weird combo of various German tank parts, doesn’t look like 131 at all really (outside of ‘131’ emblems). It’s hilariously OP for its MM, because WG Chicago insisted on giving it a Tier 7 price tag.

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