Tiger 131 vs Heavy Tank No. VI Plus Predictions

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DeadArashi, in the comment section, asked the following: “Besides the paint and the “131” on the side., this is different to the HT no VI… how?

I went to take a closer look:


Besides main statistics, only some module names are different but there were some minimum discrepancies between the radios:

Tigerstats2 (1)

So far, the Tiger 131 just a slightly better Heavy Tank No. VI just by signal range.

The Tiger 131 monetary price or gold value is not yet available, the current monetary price of the Heavy Tank No. VI  is about 12-15 US Dollars/Euros/British Pounds so I don’t believe in Wargaming straying too far from such costs, especially given that they no longer release tanks with cornstarch filling to inflate the prices but is this camo that special and worth of buying anyway? I personally do not think so.

Gameplay wise, given that the Tiger 131 is pretty much a Heavy Tank No. VI this will be a tricky tank for the Pubbies.

The Tiger 131 will be cheap/profitable as far as Premium tanks go, It will be good as a top tier given that it can sidescrape with its 80 mm of side armour but don’t expect much of it against higher tiers (it will be in fact, useless against tier VIIIs), it has good HP (950 hp) and the aiming time (2.3 s) and alpha damage (220) are decent and so is its top speed (40 km/h) although its terrain resistance (1.20) and traverse speed leave much to desire, not to speak of its poor accuracy (0.38 mm) and penetration (145 mm (*)) values.

(*) – The penetration values of the Heavy Tank No. VI have been buffed since its initial release, it used to be 132 mm if I recall but 145 mm is still pretty useless when fighting in tier 8 battles and still ranking these tanks as the lowest compared to another tier VI Heavy Tanks.

And on this note, I need to ask you?

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