Tiger 131 vs Heavy Tank No. VI Plus Predictions

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DeadArashi, in the comment section, asked the following: “Besides the paint and the “131” on the side., this is different to the HT no VI… how?

I went to take a closer look:


Besides main statistics, only some module names are different but there were some minimum discrepancies between the radios:

Tigerstats2 (1)

So far, the Tiger 131 just a slightly better Heavy Tank No. VI just by signal range.

The Tiger 131 monetary price or gold value is not yet available, the current monetary price of the Heavy Tank No. VI  is about 12-15 US Dollars/Euros/British Pounds so I don’t believe in Wargaming straying too far from such costs, especially given that they no longer release tanks with cornstarch filling to inflate the prices but is this camo that special and worth of buying anyway? I personally do not think so.

Gameplay wise, given that the Tiger 131 is pretty much a Heavy Tank No. VI this will be a tricky tank for the Pubbies.

The Tiger 131 will be cheap/profitable as far as Premium tanks go, It will be good as a top tier given that it can sidescrape with its 80 mm of side armour but don’t expect much of it against higher tiers (it will be in fact, useless against tier VIIIs), it has good HP (950 hp) and the aiming time (2.3 s) and alpha damage (220) are decent and so is its top speed (40 km/h) although its terrain resistance (1.20) and traverse speed leave much to desire, not to speak of its poor accuracy (0.38 mm) and penetration (145 mm (*)) values.

(*) – The penetration values of the Heavy Tank No. VI have been buffed since its initial release, it used to be 132 mm if I recall but 145 mm is still pretty useless when fighting in tier 8 battles and still ranking these tanks as the lowest compared to another tier VI Heavy Tanks.

And on this note, I need to ask you?

Thanks for reading, please do leave your opinion in the comment section, I would love to read it.

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Tiger 131 vs Heavy Tank No. VI Plus Predictions

63 thoughts on “Tiger 131 vs Heavy Tank No. VI Plus Predictions

  1. Nighty says:

    I own the HT No.6 and nearly never drive it. The lack of speed/maneuverability in addition with the questionable penetration (lowest penetration of all T6 Heavy guns) kills this tank for me. And now a slight worse version that just looks a bit better? Sorry, i really love the visual design of the Tiger but what Wargaming makes technically out of it makes me sad.

    1. matorako says:

      slightly worse? wrf? why is it slightly worse? I mean the real difference is radio range and that tiger has more. so why is it slightly worse and not slightly better?? Am I missing any context?

      1. Nighty says:

        The biggest problems are his maneuverability/speed and the gun, and 0.2 tons more weight reduces the mobility again a (very tiny) bit. The difference in the signal range is nothing that changes the fight capacity of this tank so you can simply ignore it, it is still slow and still penetrates bad.

      2. thebugmonster says:

        i know this doesnt sound like a sound tactic, but the HT#6 in stronks combined with a jackson is actually a decent team up, great snipers and focus fire is the way to go with it. Me and my HT buddy have carried our team multiple times.

    2. The weight difference is really negligible, you’ll never feel it or notice it unless you’re doing a 3 lap race around prohkerovka. The penetration is average for tier 6, not heavies, yes, but that’s why you have god like gun handling in comparison. The only requirement is knowing enemy weak points. These are high skill, high reward tanks. If you know how to use ridgelines and the game mechanics, this tank can quickly gun down over confident opponents while taking little to no damage in return.

      Otherwise, the 131 can train 3 heavy tank line crews rather than just the one from the japanese line. You cannot buy this tank if you do not have an eye for the bigger picture. You’ll only hurt yourself with a waterfall of misplaced pessimism.

      1. Nighty says:

        It does not make things or even this tank(s) better if you repeat every topic about this tank over and over again your textwall where your only hidden argument is your assumption that your opponent is too dumb to use the vehicle. Sorry that this kind of argumentation does not work for me. Meanwhile VBaddict shows the truth that the HT No.6 does medicore damage output and a low income that results of a LOT of Gold usage. And yes sir, i know the mechanics.

      2. Ragnarokbazil says:

        If the tigers got prefer match maker yeah they wouldent be useless but however they are useless super useless they should make the tiger 131 like it is in the consal versions like jingles reviewed it.. Just give tiger number 6 191 base pen then the gold shells 210 around there… Then make the gun 0.28 dispersion or what ever… I sware I can balance tanks better then wg could lol I would make changes in general to the whole tech tree in general..

      3. Hmm, alrighty, don’t usually consider myself average but I specialize in my own fighting style as does everyone who is not part of a hive mind. I’d be happy to demonstrate my mediocrity by wipping the floor with any tank you want to bring. NA server username: Bajicoy. All I understood was that you’re just bad at driving the tank and that is perfectly fine to admit. As I said, it is a high skill, high reward tank. The average player still thinks using a ridgeline is sitting hulldown behind it and we would not be having this conversation if you understood the mechanics.

      4. Ragnarokbrazil, you must never have played a tier 6 tank in your life to ask for those things. People like you are the ones that push wargaming to make broken tanks like the patriot and defender.

      5. That or you are being very sarcastic? Sorry if so, just a tad bit annoyed by Nighty’s belief that he can complain about a tank he doesn’t know how to drive.

      6. I really need to watch my temper, my apologies for the insults. It is very easy to get overly defensive when you feel there is slander against something you adore. I just need to come to terms that no one tank is right for everyone and Fascist box tanks are a key example of such. Once again, my apologies for my behavior.

      7. Emmanuel says:

        Alright, I would like to point out that the OP is a near-unicum. As such, his views are worthwhile to pay attention to, but do take with a grain of salt.

        OP, you say the HT-6 is high-skill, high-reward, but yet you do much better in a fairly high variety of other (superior) heavies in game (when calculated tier over tier). Admittedly, you do some friggin’ amazing things with the HT-6 which I never thought would be possible, but still.

        You’re completely correct- not every tank is for everyone; I can’t grasp the fact that you don’t play the T-10 (former IS-8) more, it’s one of the most enjoyable tanks in my garage. Same with the T1 HT, which is surprising competent in tier. On the other hand, I can’t stand anything after the VK-30H in the German line(s).

        Now, as for comparison, I’m no slouch myself, but not a near-unicum. IGN Mano308gts.

        It’s worth noting that I’ve never rerolled my account, and had a fairly long learning curve for the first few thousand games, a quick glance at noobmeter reveals that my “skill” currently is a lot higher than my “skill” shows when viewing my overall stats.

  2. Infernal969 says:

    You’re implying that investing in this game any more money and giving it to WG for all the bullshit they keep doing is a good idea.

    1. That is a personal opinion about your beef with wargaming. If you read Rita’s brief review, it is not all song and praise nor condemnation. Which for the traits she pointed out are fair at least from my experiences with the HT. No VI.

      If all you think about is your wallet, then you sir need to review all the methods of earning premium tanks and consider how it would feel like to fight a premium tank that is not broken. That said, I mean no offense to you when I say that you are probably not part of the niche target audience that has a soft spot for historical tanks.

  3. diegosgm says:

    Long time ago they should ahve given the short 88 the same penetration than the american 90mm (160 with standard shelss). Until they don’t do so, any of the german heavies with this gun will be worth

    1. Eraser_TR says:

      Actually their pre-buff penetration was pretty accurate. Same for the 5cm L/60.

      It was just insufficient for game balance. And many other guns are more effective than they were in reality.

  4. Thanks Rita, appreciate the work as always. I’ll be sticking to my original thought that this won’t be worth it.

    If it had better penetration on the gun, around 170mm (give or take), it would probably be a far better tier 6, but they would have to give 170mm of pen to that gun on every tank that has it unless they want the same issue with the 2pdr on the tier 4 Matilda and Sentinal where the guns are different because of the naming of it (one is X-B while the other is X-A).

    All in all I see no reason to buy this, even less if you already have the HT no VI. The only reason to get it would be if you’re a collector but be prepared not to use it often

    1. Well said Deadarashi, hmm, one thing I would like to add is that I’m short a german heavy crew trainer for cheap (way too many german heavy crews to train these days) and I like calling skirms with heavies :3

      I think you’re still probably right mostly just the collectors would pick it up. More pen is always nice for any gun, definitely a complicated balance matter. ^^b I am such a fan boy sometimes, sorry~

      1. all good, kind of a shame they didn’t make the VK45.03 a standard premium as I prefer that over this (mainly because of that glorious 88mm L/71)

        Would be nice if it had the Tiger II frontal armor but even the way it is:

        tier 7 VK45.03 > tier 6 Tiger 131

        ultimately it will come down to the person that owns the credit card to decide if they want it or not.

      2. You should join us peasant NA server peeps~ the Vk 45.03 is in the in-game store for 7700 gold. It’s a crazy amount of gold however for a tank that I sadly did not enjoy when it was a rental 🙁 I’ll try and play it on a test server sometime if you recommend it man.

        The Tiger II (H) and VK 45.02 B7’s stats look a bit different from the last time I saw them. It is a sad shame we don’t hear more of them but I suppose it is what the test server is there for. Well, wargaming is many things if not also a bit unpredictable so you never know 😛

      3. VK45.03 is good against when top tier or against tier 8s, I sorta play it like a heavy MT rather then a straight HT.

        The tier 7 Tiger II (H) would probably invalidate the tier 7 VK45.03 though because of its armor, and I don’t think WG want the 88mm L/71 at tier 6 so I doubt that they would drop the VK45.03 a tier to accommodate.

        But who knows, as you said, WG is a bit unpredictable

    2. Thagomizer says:

      170mm pen? Tier 7 FV201 (171mm pen) says hi.

      I have the FV and HT IV and never felt that the pen is missing from either. The problem with the HT IV (and Tiger 131 I presume) is the lack of survivability, not the gun.

      1. that same gun from the FV201 is on the AC 4 a tier lower and when it sees tier 8 at the most instead of tier 9 you can feel the difference. And the FV in and of itself should also be a tier 6 in my opinion.

        but that’s all this comes down to in the end, personal opinions. Each to their own, right?

    3. Pangzhu says:

      They could also give it different ammo to make up for the penetration differences. In the name of balance there is really no good excuse not to give the gun with better penetration to tier 6 heavies and less pen to medium tanks with the “same gun”. Any means necessary, because the way it is now the pen is just inadequate – even after buff to 145mm pen…

  5. LordofDiscord says:

    So basically its a copy/paste of an existing tank repainted for a different nation.Its worth noting that in one of the Q&A threads on this page a few months ago someone from WG admitted that the heavy tank VI was “not good” or words to that effect.
    Someone with a bit of time maybe able to find the comment
    Personally I’ve got 230 games and a 55% Wr with a max base experience of 2098 and a max damage of 2780 in the Jap Tiger and cant recommend it at all on the gun performance alone. To buy the Tiger 131 as it stands is a bad move and I won’t be doing it and I used to buy anything

  6. Bojan says:

    With a new MM worst situation that could happen is 3 x tier 8. Vs tier 7 with exception of O-Ni there is no tank that you can not penetrate with standard ammo frontally.
    So stop crying about penetration and turn on your brain.

    That all said, it’s worth as any premium tank is only in:
    1. money making,
    2. crew training for heavies
    3. fap value for those that think Germans made best tanks of the WW2).
    If you don’t care about 3 and don’t need 2, there are better tanks at tier 6 for 1 (any medium – Cromwell B or Strv 42/57 or even Skoda T40).
    If you value 3 then go get it – it is not that worse in other departments than any other tier 6 tank (and is better than some real turds).

    1. Nighty says:

      Against lower tiers your are mostly too slow and the accurancy is too weird to precisely hit weakspots. Against higher tiers – there you get problems again with the penetration. I don´t know if you own the tank or have more magic fingers then i have, but after ~240 fights i gave up trying to get some fun out of it. And the most unfunny thing is that you get circled so often – and hull and turret are so slow at turning that you even then loose like a slow TD.

      1. Bojan says:

        I have played and still play 3001P, played 3601H, both with 88/56 – never had problems penetrating tier 7 even before pen buff. Tier 8 is a problem however, but with new MM it is relatively minor problem.
        Japanese Tiger I played only few battles at friend’s account and it’s gun is a least of i’s problems, as noted mobility is pretty bad. Gun accuracy is decent for short and medium ranges.

        So,as I have noted, if you need monemaker – avoid it. For collectors and those that need crew trainer for German heavies, but can not get Lowe – it is a reasonably decent option. Not great, but far from worst tier 6 premium (SU-100Y I am watching you).

      1. awd7611 says:

        sorry, i thought tigers built before march 1943 like tiger 131 were H1 variants. I might be wrong.

  7. Patata Caliente says:

    I played a couple of match in the Heavy No IV at the time I bought. Most of them were tier VIII, so I mostly ended up as some lucky guy’s experience Piñata. With the new matchmaking things might look a bit better, but frankly, the tank doesn’t even shine against its own tier. It’s a bit of joke really how this iconic tank performs in World of Tanks. My recommendation: don’t bother until you’re a collector or you just can’t resist the pure sexiness of the model.

  8. Assault_Cat says:

    Well, its another strg-copy-paste tank. Well done WG. I mean, yeah, i like a german Tier 6 HT for crewtraining, but why should i buy this one? I would have practically the same tank on 2 different nations…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Don’t knock the crew training element, the only other options are the vk, lowe and pzb2 (which is cack to train with)

      As long as it’s cheap and it has a similar play style to the ht6, it’ll be a good all round tank, ht6 is very underrated.

  9. Paxson says:

    I own HV VI so I dont care.

    pen I dont care at Tier 8 fights I used prem shells.

    I think the new one is ok for people they want have it and dont have the jap one or for tank collectors.

    for crewtraining I would use a normal Tier 8 to 10 or buying a Tier 8.
    as higher you playing as more xp you earn.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I only bought HT No. VI to get a ‘real’ Tiger. I don’t own a single other Japanese tank, so it’s worthless as a Premium (and, yes, not that good a tank on it’s own). It’ll be the first Premium tank I sell…

  11. Siergen says:

    I haven’t progressed down the German heavy tank line far enough yet to unlock the regular Tiger, and am considering this as a crew trainer. A buddy of mine (who is roughly my skill-level in WoT) does great in his Heavy Tank No. VI, so I hope do as well with this one.

  12. Folgore says:

    the non premium tiger has a better gun so why buy this? There at least 2 heavy tanks for heavy german crew training ( lowe,, vk450 varients ).

    i have the japanese No6 for training my japanese Heavy line. thats all its good for .

    the only laugh i had with it was bouncing 700hp while face hugging a KV2 . Only highlight in a generally Meh tank

    1. BoBo The Wonder Chimp says:

      The non-Premium Tiger is a tier higher than this premium Tiger 131 – not a great comparison.

  13. BoBo The Wonder Chimp says:

    I am one of those oddballs who like the HT VI JapTiger. It makes me play more carefully which frequently ends in the win column (about 12% than my overall winrate)

    1. mattbrix02 says:

      Odd ball too, here.

      I liked the HT No. VI as well. the ROF and accuracy makes it stands out in tier 6 and 7 battles.

      There’s a truth with tier 8 battles, its gun is useless against most of the tier 8s, however, you are not obligated to go front-lines be creative with dealing damage and keep away from hard shelled enemies head on, and you’ll be fine. If you do it right in tier 8s, you make heaps of credits.

    1. Anonymous says:

      To be fair, Wargaming’s association with the tank Museum has to have earned the museum a fair profit already… …and vice versa.

  14. Eraser_TR says:

    The paint scheme isn’t really worth it.

    However I still plan on buying it. With the additional German Heavy line, I need another crew trainer. Lowe and VK45.03 cover two lines, but the PzB.2 doesn’t have the crew slots.

  15. I’d say yes rather than the frankly overpowered one we have on Console, which fires extremely quickly, has buffed penetration and PREMIUM matchmaking

  16. RC_1140 says:

    Its worth it to me since I can put my 6 skill German heavy crew in it, something I can’t do with the HT6.

  17. mrwuvems says:

    For comparison for people that care: here are the main difference in the xbox Tigers

    Tiger 1: Has old engine, is hellishly OP
    Hammer: less mobility, marginally better gun handling
    Heavy 6: Doesn’t exist
    131: 170ish pen, prem MM

    Opinion: I liked the twigs on the console 131 model, should have been included and turned off for toasters

  18. _4No1AfR8_ says:

    As a wg tank collector.🤔 Each tank has its possibility to be good, and i mean just as good as it’s owner 😛. So I buy it anyway.

  19. > WG release a better premium tank compared to normal tank
    > WG release a premium tank comparable to normal tank

    Never change, WG fanbase

  20. Afrika says:

    Those who voted YES & UNSURE; congrats guys & girls you are the one’s who “support” WG’s hunger for money without any effort.

    Be it the reskinned “Black edition” tanks or the clone tanks, you are the one’s who keep lining up to throw away your cash and WG gets off the hook with no effort and lots of cash.

    Keep it up

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