Tiger 217 Camouflage Patterns

Quick post for the day (news should pick up later in the week), this time it’s the camouflage patterns that will be available with the new premium Tiger 217, Otto Carius’ tank:




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Tiger 217 Camouflage Patterns

29 thoughts on “Tiger 217 Camouflage Patterns

  1. Thomas says:

    Not what I expected but I kind of like. Sure I can dig the cammo.
    Wish it cold be share with other vehicles tho.

  2. davidblader says:

    First HT No. VI, then its reskinned version (Tiger 131) and now this?
    Just what is wrong with these people?
    If they add premiums, at least keep them from being reskinned clones ffs.

      1. davidblader says:

        These guys do realise that they are screwing up the game, and they do know about all of the negative feedback, but they just don’t give a crap.
        They just want money out of OP tier 8 premiums and now even clones for some reason, even though there are other ways in which they can get money…

    1. Jeffrey Bangle says:

      HT No. VI was no good for me, since I wanted some extra training for my German HT crew. I got the Tiger 131, but some people might prefer seasonal camouflage colors.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wish we could get the damn Girls und Panzer tanks, even just special skins put upon the tech tree tanks that make them look like their GuP version (make the guns look like the normal ones like on the tiger 1 and tiger p get the l/56 model even with the l/71 for example)

  4. Never mind says:

    I get that this is “for history” but FFS its the exact tank as 131 so why buy it? What makes it “better” at crew training, or credit earning? There doesn’t seem to be any “OBVIOUS” need to have it other than to say you do.

  5. benymazz says:

    Too bad his name wasn’t Otto Garius, that way we could call it…

    the OG Tiger

    I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses.

  6. Yet another tiger tank to sell that will disappoint all with its still crap armor. WG must be thinking, “how stupid can they be? Lets find out.”

    WG has positioned The German Tigers (and Panthers) – these German “heavy Tanks” to be forced to play like un-maneuverable mediums and snipers to everyone chagrin and will suffer eternal damnation of hate text along the lines of, “WTF is that heavy tank doing in the back?” comments as a sick sort of revenge that they (Russia) lost 6-1 tanks when fighting them.

    Very sad.

  7. wwenigma says:

    How much Tiger1 captured during war? All will be available with same specs in the premium shop?

    WG, stop please…

  8. red.storm says:

    The only two useful things of the premium Tiger 131 was:
    1. The crew with BIA free perk
    2. The cheap price (for a BIA free perk crew)
    I did not care about the tank itself and I was very happy I could by a crew with free BIA perk at this low price. Because grinding a crew to a fourth skill means thousands of battles!
    The crew is 10times worth the price….
    So the premium Tiger, I can bin it…
    Better this than having to pay 50EUR for a premium tank (with free BIA crew).

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