Tiger 217 In-Game Screenshots


here are some extra screenshots of the upcoming Tiger 217:

-Statistics and Screenshots


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Tiger 217 In-Game Screenshots

18 thoughts on “Tiger 217 In-Game Screenshots

    1. I’d rather have 5 new balanced copy paste tanks than another new OP tier 8. So I welcome this thing. Let’s just hope the crew you get with it isn’t completely pay2win.

    2. armando30 says:

      the best way to add premiums, for me the history behind it’s decals is worth more than a stripped rare prototype

      1. ammarmar says:

        No, actually it’s a pretty dumb way. The right way would be to use _existing_ camouflage system. You should be able to just buy a skin for your Tiger that makes it premium and looks fine.

      2. armando30 says:

        ammarmar if you think about it simple skins would not work, the skin from a tank ace should only be available in the tank historical configuration, truth is no one woul pay for a skin that could only work if your tank is UP, no one wants to fight tier 9s with the shorter 88 that can’t even pen some mediums

        don’t forget a skin is a representation of a tank at a given point in time, while the 88 L/71 was proposed for the Tiger in reality it never happened and Otto Carius only used a “standard” Tiger

  1. Backslash says:

    If tiger 131 was added I may not have gotten it, but I love my tank history. Carius was among the best of the tank aces, with others like Knipsel, Bolter, Wittmann, and Bix. No other nation in history has produce as many accomplished tankers, and I would definitely grab the 217 the first chance I get. Thanks for the screenshots.

  2. armando30 says:

    there should not be a problem of adding more of the “Ace” premiums, well in Germany’s case a extra care is advised but the majority (60%~70%) of their troops in WWII should be no different from a french or american soldier (as in fighting for their family and countrie), most of them might neither have shared the nazi ideals or even been awere of the concentration camps situation
    I at least know of 1 tank “ace” that should never be added, Michael Wittman since he voluntarilly joined the nazi party and volunteered to be sent to the front despite being part of a elite (hitler personnal guard), his intention was killing how many he could since he was a follower of the nazi party “doctrines”, like the arian race supremacy

      1. lord business says:

        Despite what your been taught just being a Nazi member back then don’t automatically make someone evil. Oskar Schindler and John Rabe where both staunch members of the Nazi party. And both men are heroes credited with saving thousands of lives.

  3. Red Hot Chili Tomato says:

    Well, perhaps I’m just ignorant, but I was expecting to see “217” painted somewhere on the turret..?

  4. madogthefirst says:

    Why are they adding yet another fucking clone when the first clone is set to be released next week with zero skill BIA?

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