Tiger Day 2016


recently I visited The Tank Museum at Bovington once more, the staff invited Jingles and I to attend the Tiger Day 2016 event and we gathered footage for you from a different perspective of the arena:

My Facebook photo album (Amazed Its been shared already over a thousand times!):

And Jingles Video:


This was my first time experiencing the Tiger Day and have to say its pretty much like TankFest but with sightly fewer people (it was still crowded), the VCC was open to the general public, they also had a couple of vehicles available for a peek inside for those who bought the premium tickets and they are actively making the place enjoyable for all ages, they have plenty of didactic games for kids and even got a kid’s brand spanking new small park near the TOG II and one of the Naffies where the younglings can burn their energy while parents can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea.

The weather was very good, Roz, the assistance Marketing Manager and a really nice girl told that it was the first sunny Tiger Day in 12 years, took advantage of it and drank a Landship while sunbathing on the grassy area while waiting for the Arena show time.

And talking about the arena show, I have to thank the museum for not only making sure that I would have the best of times but also for giving me access to behind the scenes, I got to see the vehicles up close before they drove around the arena, learned a thing or 2 from the crews and got to take photos of the show from the arena itself.

It was definitely an experience I want to repeat.


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