TKSz nkm 20A in Supertest, Again.


the Polish TKSz nkm 20A is back on Supertest and these are the initial stats available.

This Tankette is a very odd choice for a Light Tank given that it went from being a reconnaissance vehicle to become an Anti-tank after the Nkm wz.38 FK 20 mm machine gun was implemented.

  • 24 of these were built before WWII and its known that one of these Tankettes destroyed three German Pz. 35(t).
According to WG EU, they are yet unsure if it will be a premium or a standard vehicle.

This is not the first we’ve seen it, back in 2015 it made a Supertest appearance and these were its stats, screenshots and video:

Tier: 2 LT
Hitpoints: 140
Engine: 46 hp
Weight: 2,8 tons
Power-to-weight: 16,43 hp/t
Maximum speed: 45/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 45 deg/s
Turret traverse limited to 26 degrees
Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,151/2,014
Viewrange: 290
Radio range:310
Hull armor: 10/8/?

Gun: 20mm
Damage: 11/11
Penetration: 43/55
ROF: 71,535 (320 for one clip)
Autoloader: 10 rounds, fires two round bursts
Time between shots: ?
DPM: 786,9
Clip Reload: 6,7s
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 2,0s
Depression: -7/+25

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TKSz nkm 20A in Supertest, Again.

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